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Sound cut off at the end - german version

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while playing BTTF1 the sound cuts of very often in the german version. It looks like the german sound files for a german sentence are longer then the english sentences and the programmer just gave them time of the english version.

The Problem appears at the same sentences every time. it's repeatable.

It also apears, if i set quality settings to the lowest point.

PS: My Computer should be fast enough.
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  • Okay,

    the german version of Episode 2 is out.
    I´m waiting at the gamesloadshop for my downloadlink.

    If there still the problems in the second episode, i contact my dealer and give the game back.

    Problems in a game is one thing,
    No information from the devs, the other thing.
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    I've exactly the same problem. Come on, this isn't a coincidence.
    I think, i will switch to the english version. The german voices aren't that good. Especially because I have watched the movies with different voice actors a few days ago. :(
  • The second episode still has this errors. Come on Telltale! Are you reading this? The german translation is really bad. Some parts of the game don't even work properly because of the bad translation (Entry to the Speakeasy) and some translations don't fit with their textual translation or are missing. That is really disappointing.
  • yes,

    in the first minute off the game, two cut offs...

    Whats the actual situation?
  • Abramson;453147 said:
    Whats the actual situation?
    I think we all can hear loud and clear what Telltale's answer is. :winslow:
  • After playing most of part 2 I found that the error not only still exists, but it seems to be even worse than in part 1: Whole sentences are cut off and I had to activate subtitles to understand the context of the whole story.
  • I'm really pissed off, that I spend my money for this unready game. What is wrong with you, guys? Can't you just fix the sound problems in the German versions of the game? Now, I played the second part of the game, et violá, the same procedure as in the first chapter appears and bites off all the fun, I expected to have after the sound-issue was brought to you; not even to mention the achievement of the producers of this game, that some of the dialogues got drawn longer and others are just like before tooooooo short.

    What kind of company is this? Some of an ignore-our-customers-thing?

    How long would you play a game, which has sentences like: "Oh, my god, Marty look out! Tannen is in the corner", if you only can hear: "Oh, my god, Marty look out! Tann [cut]"?

    Please end this appearence of an endless suffering and don't publish another worthless chapter of this game, before you got the sound right!

    And, by the way, also please check, that the translations are correct and not somehow arbitrary. I didn't check the second chapter, but the first was partly on the niveau of a first-class-english lesson in Germany.
  • @Telltale:

    Maybe it would be better if you guys just would be honest. It's an easy to fix problem, but low priority for you. At least tell when you're going to fix this low priority problem.

    The idea that other game releases are more important right now might be wrong. Actually I'd like to buy jurassic park, but I don't think I'm gonna spent more on telltale games until BTTF isn't fixed.

    Please think again, and I still mean it in a good mood. To deal with problems and show it's to customers in a transparent way, might be a better way than just say nothing.
  • Episode 3 and the issue is still unfixed. It appeared at least once to me. This is annoying and frustrating, because there is no reaction from Telltale. Even the mail support didn't respond. I think this was my last Telltale game.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff
    Sorry about this. We are looking into. We had a German speaker play Ep3, and they didn't report the problem. Where in the game did you notice this, and is it happening like it was in Ep 1 & 2?

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