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Major Problem (iPad)

posted by eks20 on - last edited - Viewed by 159 users
Please Inam making this thread in hopes of fixing the ipad version. I saw it and wanted to buy even at 6 - 7 dollars but read reviews and sounds like it is awful lag ect

what are your thoughts even if you have not played ect? do u / did u purchase ipad version? contact company and demand a fix
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  • It's slightly laggy at first in the main menu after loading up the initial videos, but after that it's fine, I downloaded episode 1 on my pc ages ago and that was laggy too tbh, but actually far worse than the iPad, on the pc the game was fine but the cursor itself was laggy!, it was really frustrating! And that was on a 6month old Core 2 Due 4GB Ram Laptop.

    I must admit that the game just seems more enjoyable to play on the iPad than the PC. It's awsome!
  • Thanks I think I will buy it for my ipad & maybe try it for the mac

    I thank you for you thoughts
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