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BTTF "Share your disappointment" Thread

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Okay, so 2 months or so ago, I posted a comment about how this game was going to suck for the following reasons..

A.) Point and click
B.) Linear gameplay

After getting bitched out by telltale radicals I thought, well...maybe it won't be as bad as I am thinking. And at least it's a modern, 3D BTTF game. God was I wrong. After playing the demo and watching in horror at the gameplay videos online..I totally lost all hope in getting an awesome BTTF game. And the worst part is, look at the Jurassic Park trailer. It looks awesome. It's not cartoony, and from what Ive read its NOT going to be point and click. Apparently the designer said it wouldnt feel right to walk around aimlessly solving puzzles..? So why the hell is the Back to the Future game just that?! Whats the difference between BTTF and JP? Theyre both adventure movies. So why does JP get to be an awesome adventure game and BTTF, which is probably more popular anyway, is a cartoony, restricted, puzzle game? I just don't get it.....And to those of you out there who are going to rip me to shreads about not knowing what BTTF is about or sarcasticly tell me theyre sorry that its not like GTA, this time I know I am right that BTTF did not get the game it deserved.

So anyone out there who agrees with me, share your story. And if you disagree with me, please tell me why I should like the BTTF game.

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  • Fine then. What would YOU suggest for BTTF?
  • BTTF is similar to any other adventure game Telltale have made.
    Telltale's games have always been about the storytelling, which is a reason to give this game a shot if you are a BTTF fan.
    There is nothing anybody can say to you which will make you like this genre of game though.. it is not for everybody.
  • I think a point and click adventure game is the PERFECT genre for a Back to the Future game, I've always thought this right back to when the movies were actually new. My only gripe is that the puzzles are way too easy.

    Maybe they could've given us something with more realistic graphics and made it similar to something like Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain in terms of gameplay but seriously, it's Back to the Future. It's never going to be a 3rd person shooter or an FPS is it?
  • McSuperfly101;453836 said:
    I think a point and click adventure game is the PERFECT genre for a Back to the Future game, I've always thought this right back to when the movies were actually new. My only gripe is that the puzzles are way too easy.
    I agree. It's not the style of graphics or genre that suck, it's the brainless puzzles.
  • ADAMATION;453732 said:
    telltale radicals
    you're adoreable
  • For one thing, an action-y game does not work for Back to the Future. I would've thought that the NES and Sega Genesis games would have beaten that into peoples' heads by now. Back to the Future isn't about the action, the chases, or(don't flame me) even the time travel. It's about storytelling. If you play a GOOD Back to the Future game, you shouldn't expect a ton of exciting battles, explosions, and 15 trips through time per episode. You SHOULD expect a good story that brings back the characters you know and love, put them in a new paradox-possible environment, and let the story tell itself.
  • While I am enjoying the storyline, the gameplay so far in episodes 1+2 is way too simplistic. I wouldn't consider it a "puzzle" game when the solution to a goal is achieved by clicking one of the very few selectable items on screen.

    I like the use of the point-and-click style game, however I do have to admit that I think Telltale have put more effort into the story rather than the game itself. It almost feels like they've made an animated movie and decided to add in a few light interactions to keep the story rolling.
  • I have not yet played the game, but I do plan on buying it. In general OP I strongly agree, although it is possible that I will like the game better than you.

    The people who insist BTTF needs to be an adventure game are clearly wrong, but we're not going to ever convince them otherwise (unless maybe one comes out in the future). In a proper BTTF game there HAS to be action sequence DeLorean chases, hoverboard escapes, skateboarding, etc. This isn't debatable.

    It's also really annoying when my fellow adventure gamers harp so hard on "story" and "characters" and how adventure games are the only genre that has them to any great extent. That is completely untrue, and even the GTA games, which are whipping boys around here, have much better, more interesting, more fleshed out characters than the vast majority of adventure games I've played (a lot). There was a character in GTA3 whom I was legitimately sad to see go. Adventure games do not have a monopoly on story and characters.
  • ^ Yes, there should be action sequences in a BTTF game. However, you can't have the game just be mostly these. The movies weren't action movies. They had a few action scenes, but the movies were based around their plot and characters. For instance, the first film. Its action scenes were the Libyan attack and the skateboard chase. Two action scenes in a 90 minute movie. And the game does indeed have its own 'action scenes,' but they are more puzzle oriented than you would probably like.

    Nobody said adventure games had a monopoly on story and characters, and if they did, they're moronic. Look at RPGs, interactive fiction, and yes, action games (though I think Red Dead Redemption had a better story than GTA III). However, let's look at this. Nobody could make a serious BTTF RPG work. Nobody would fund an interactive fiction BTTF game, and not many other than die-hard fans would play it. And as has been said millions of times, Back to the Future and action game don't match up well. When did Marty or Doc ever intentionally harm anybody besides a Tannen in the movies?

    So that leaves the adventure game. It may not be perfectthe perfect genre for BTTF, but it matches the tone of it best.
  • I really think that no matter what, there's going to be two groups on this game. The ones that love it and nothing will convince them otherwise, and the ones who don't like it and won't be convinced otherwise. It's kinda sad that not everyone can appreciate it, but everyone's entitled to their own opinions. :) I for one am glad to have one more adventure with Doc and Marty and that time-traveling DeLorean.
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