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No New Monkey Island Games?

posted by Voodoomaster on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, disappointed that there will not be new Monkey Island Games in the next two years.

TTG, if you wanted to do a game without being sure to be able to make a sequel, you should'nt end it with an open ending.

After i finished playing Back to The Future I seriously doubt I'll be back here soon :mad:
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  • Hey people, calm down. I think that if it's possible Telltale will do it.
    I think that the relationship between Lucasarts and Telltale changed after the new president came up.
    Maybe the previous president granted and assured for another season -that's why the open ending - but new management screwed up everything and don't let them do another one.
    I think that if TT can, they will do it.
    And, after all, these 5 games are not the Telltale's last 5 games they will make.
  • with a perfect ending for a sequel
    Yes, that's what I think, too.

    There are still too many questions without an answer, and I'm afraid that if someone else continues the game, he would not respect the continuity

    I'm disappointed that there not will be MI Games in the next two years, but i would be really angry if there not will be TellTale MI Games for more
  • I was hoping for a series 2, but never seriously expected it to be one of the announcements. :(
  • Are there any actual Statements from Lucas Arts
    about the Future of MI and other classical Adventures?
  • frankly speaking... we need for TOMI2
    why? because we are nerds. STOP.

    Times ago Lucasarts told that several licenses came to home. I was afraid MI was one of them... :( seems that it happens... but they can't interrupt a story that needs for a final chapter (at least) to be concluded...
  • I'd like just to hear if TOMI2 is still a possibility for Telltale or not. Can we still hope or not?

    That's the thing that makes me worry, we don't know if they're waiting another year for the sequel or Lucasarts will not give TT the license again...
  • I'm too disappointed that there isn't a new Monkey Island between the new projects.
    I don't know whose fault it is, Telltale or Lucas, but TOMI needs a sequel, it CAN'T finish like that.
    I hope like Mightypirate to know if we can still hope for the future, but right now my disappointment is so huge that if also I could have interest in other projects, I have lost it.
  • I confide in Telltale's good faith. But there's a thing which I must criticize. Onesty. Why there's no an official statement about "No Monkey Island Games"?. It is obvious that at least 80% of the fans who were waiting for this misterious announcement were expected a sequel of TOMI. Now, in the past there have been numerous occasions to go against to LucasArts, but at least, for those who remember the sad annoucements early 2000, the much mocked Mike Nelson and Jim Ward did know to us almost everything in their situation of the company. Here, after twenty messages of disappointment (well, it was obvious!), the message of Alan Johnson aroused in me a small amount of nervousness:
    Originally Posted by Alan Johnson
    SOOOO, what do you guys think of the rest of our announcements?
    Ok. it's right to focus on new projects, but I feel mocked.
    Let's say that now I would an hypocrite if I'll go against the TellTale, but in another sense, I think is right and proper to inform what are the gaps that prevent the production of a new Monkey Island (or at least the "Reprise" of any game Lucas previously expected). A press release would be right, in short, what kind of repercussions might occur with an explanation?
  • So where are you TTG-Team here in the Forum,
    PLEASE, tell us what`s the current status about a ToMI sequel :confused:
  • PariahKing;453779 said:
    We have a general explanation for most everything that happened in the story. It doesn't feel incomplete or empty. It didn't end on a sour note like EMI.

    The idea that more things happen in the universe and not all loose ends are tied up is acceptable.
    Did you see the ending where the now supposedly evil Voodoo Lady has LeChuck's remains, has bargained with Morgan LeFlay and pretty much straight-out says there's a big event coming? I don't really know how that can be interpreted as something other than an open ending.
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