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As I'm sure you all know, the style of the old Sierra adventures like King's Quest is drastically different from the "Exploration shouldn't be punished" philosophy employed by LucasArts (and later Telltale). The slightest step out of line can easily kill you, or even worse, render the game unwinnable, usually with the game's narrator making snarky jokes about your suffering.

I'm not trying to be another one of those complainers going "Telltale can't make a proper King's Quest game because they've never done something like that before!" Instead my question do you want the game to be done? Would you like a return to full-on Sierra sadism, or for Telltale to stick with the friendly approach they've always used so far?

I'd personally like if there can be a little bit of both. Don't get me wrong, I want this game to be frustratingly hard, but stuff like unwinnable situations are just too much. And in the era of auto-saving, I think death should be treated the same way as in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak: you're immediately taken back to where you were before.

What do you think?
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  • From a KQ I want:

    Hard puzzles
    A nice (not overly complicated) fable as a story
    Did I mention deaths?
  • Dead ends are frustrating, if only because you don't always have any way of knowing you missed something. The first time my brother and I played KQ6 as kids, it didn't occur to us that if the winged ones bring you down the mountain instead of straight into the labyrinth, it means you don't have everything you need yet, so we kept restoring saved games in the labyrinth without having the hole in the wall.
  • The return of the narrator would be lovely - although later Sierra games did without one, some of them very successfully.

    I think there is very little chance the new games will have dead ends. That is one thing from the old Sierra games I am happy to see the back of. The other potentially outmoded design element - death scenes - can be made perfectly non-frustrating with the "Try Again" option.

    In my view the key difference between Sierra and Lucasfilm/LucasArts was never the ability to die (or lack thereof). For me, the main difference (aside from the narrator) was that in Sierra games you could interact with pretty much everything on screen.

    LucasArts drastically limited the player's ability to explore by sometimes having as little as a single hotspot in a location (for example, the back alley in The Secret of Monkey Island).

    I want to look at, examine and rummage through it all!
  • Simo Sakari Aaltonen;454346 said:
    The return of the narrator would be lovely - although later Sierra games did without one, some of them very successfully.
    Name one. Other than Mask of Eternity. Every Sierra game worth anything had a narrator.
  • No offence, Lambonius, but I see no point in listing games knowing you would probably just say the titles I mentioned were not worth anything (as you seem to have enjoyed far fewer of the later Sierra games than I did).

    I respect your opinion on this, but mine just happens to be that many of the narratorless games were great. Agree to disagree? :)
  • Simo Sakari Aaltonen;454434 said:
    No offence, Lambonius, but I see no point in reeling out a list of game titles knowing you would simply say the games I mentioned were not worth anything (as you clearly enjoyed far fewer of the later Sierra games than I did).
    Actually, I enjoyed pretty much every Sierra game I ever played, including Mask of Eternity and Dragonfire, which are the only two I can think of that didn't have narrators. I'm asking that question out of legitimate curiosity, because I simply can't think of any Sierra adventure games, other than the aforementioned two, that didn't have narrators.

    And although I personally enjoyed those games, there's no denying that they are considered by most the low points of their respective series (for reasons other than just not having narrators.) :)

    Oh, and KQ7 didn't either, now that I think of it. ;)
  • I think the best way for Telltale to handle this would be to look at the generally accepted high point of the KQ series (KQ6) and try to mimic that game's tone and challenge level as closely as humanly possible. If they did that, they MIGHT succeed at this. Other things, like graphics, interface, etc. are secondary to tone and challenge.
  • Ah, okay, Lambonius. Sorry, I misinterpreted you somewhat. :)

    Here are some Sierra games that had no narrators (in addition to the three you mentioned):

    Gabriel Knight 2
    Gabriel Knight 3
    Phantasmagoria 2
    Torin's Passage

    There may be more, but these are off the top of my head. (And like you, I have enjoyed pretty much every Sierra game I have played.)
  • Ooh, yeah. That would explain it--I never played the FMV games. ;) It makes sense that they wouldn't have narrators though, considering the movie-like format, as opposed to the more storybook/fairytale format of the KQ games.
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