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Tracking My Game

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Hold me accountable to finishing at least the background resources ok?

These are the first four sketches centering on the beginning village. They're all edge enhanced and without any line cleanup or color, so if they super rough, it's because this is the first stage of it.




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    Playing with titles.
  • Hey, dude. I bloody love your style. The dragon surfing concept sketch is inspired.
  • I really appreciate it :) Gets discouraging when you're in the bowles of painting characters in Paint Shop Pro and want sleep more than art.

    I can only dream of making that dragon surfing piece a stage one day. I have a piece of music in my head I'd want to go with it. Who knows, if this first game gets me off the ground, I may be able to attempt it.

    Barring that, I'd like to take a crack at doing a painting of it at some point.
  • As an alternative to scoring the game myself I've been looking at licensed and royalty free music. Some pretty good musicians out there are willing to contribute music for credit. Thinking about this at the moment.

    Promo video. For those of you who tl;dr on the thread. Tell your friends!
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    This one actually took longer to make because of the greater amount of detail, less curved (unbroken) lines, and the need to realign facial features, add hair, etc. A few hours work but I think the final product is good.
  • I should also say I've found a composer who has an extensive free library of music that I am seriously looking at now. It would mean the difference of months if I didn't have to do the background music.

    Only 7 more supporting characters left to color!
  • Scratch that. I have my soundtrack.

    Let's take a minute to discuss the reality of what that means. With the soundtrack being handled and taken care of, that leaves me to focus on the art work (my strongest suit). The supporting cast will be finished this week and that will mean the only thing left to finish (from a first stage of production perspective) will be the backgrounds. Let's set a timetable for the end of April for all backgrounds and characters, since it will probably take me two to three days per background piece for inking and painting.

    I haven't unveiled any of the main cast and probably won't until we're coming close onto summer. The main cast will be fully finalized after the backgrounds. With 8 characters, only two of whom need full animation/interaction animation, that will take another two month. So if there are no setbacks we're looking at the end of May for the finalization of the main cast.

    What that means is that in June the script will be written out. This is actually my strongest area, moreso than the art, because my background is in writing (I've worked for companies like Blizzard Entertainment).

    Let me give myself, say, two months. That would put us at the end of July, since the script itself is based on one of my old rejected children's books.

    It would put us in August. And then, the big decision would be whether or not to record lines for this.

    Of course, this is a very idealized timeline. However, I can absolutely foresee this being done by the Winter. Fingers crossed.
  • You could always release a non-talkie version first, then if you want make a talkie version afterwards.
    (It would be kind of traditional too, as many adventure games had two versions, due to the introduction of CD-ROMs)
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