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Welcome to the King's Quest Forums

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Welcome to the King's Quest forums!

We're thrilled to bring back the classic adventure series in episodic form!
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  • I think when the first one came out I was in the bread basket. :eek:

    Though I'll keep my eye on this.
  • Ah, so now I see where The Brothers Chaps got the idea to create Peasant's Quest. :D
  • Hayley the Hedgie;454462 said:
    Ah, so now I see where The Brothers Chaps got the idea to create Peasant's Quest. :D
  • Rather Dashing;454470 said:

    Oh the Irony... :D
  • Reboots. Reboots reboots reboots EVERYWHERE.
    I hope that this trend will die as soon as possible, however legitimately may have been used in this case.
    Which brings me to the question: did you chose to reboot the saga, or did the company that handed out the rights told you to do so?
    I've only read that you "agreed" to do so, but among yourselves or with the company who holds the rights?
  • Perfect timing, I'm just discovering the King's Quest series and I thought to myself the other day "It'd be cool if Telltale picked up the KQ series"
    For it to work though it needs to be as challenging as possible. Death screen and crazy complex puzzles.
  • I am super ecstatic. Can we have it super difficult please? or at least difficulty level? :P
  • I cant wait to see the art style.. how will Graham look?
  • *Arjak squeals in excitement like a teenage girl!*

    Seriously, I grew up on King's Quest. When I read the latest newsletter revealing this, I almost flipped. I have almost every game in the original series from Sierra, as well as their other major Quest series.

    Now if you can just get the rights to make new Zork games, my life will be complete!;)
  • Arjak;454949 said:
    Seriously, I grew up on King's Quest. too. Just like the SQ series. Back in '86 when I was 10, imagine how THRILLED I was playing these games, (Police Quest, Larry 1, KQ, SQ) on our PC. Even with our green chrome monitor, it looked awesome. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I played those games for the first time, now 25 years ago. Geez, how time flies. Looking forward to new adventures!
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