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Favorite King's Quest Games

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So, which of the classics (and the not so classics) are your favorites, and why? I figure this would be a good way to see where everyone's coming from--and maybe Telltale can use this info to figure out what the people really want in a KQ game.

For me, King's Quest VI is the greatest game of all time. A perfect blend of atmosphere, puzzles, and storytelling. I regularly pull the soundtrack up on my iPod. I love that there are two potential paths, and the attention to detail, like alternate dialogues depending on what order you do things in or what side quests you follow/ignore, is spectacular. I'm invested in the characters, and each time I beat it I just want to go back and explore the Green Isles again (which is one of the reasons I was so excited for TSL).

Every official game has something I enjoy about it, even if some are more frustrating than enjoyable. Even Mask of Eternity did a few interesting things (perhaps not enough, but still...)

And if we include fangames, AGDI's KQII+ deserves an honorable mention for taking so many elements from the original game, but twisting them just enough to make them surprising and exciting.

So what about you?
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