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BTTF "Share your disappointment" Thread

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Okay, so 2 months or so ago, I posted a comment about how this game was going to suck for the following reasons..

A.) Point and click
B.) Linear gameplay

After getting bitched out by telltale radicals I thought, well...maybe it won't be as bad as I am thinking. And at least it's a modern, 3D BTTF game. God was I wrong. After playing the demo and watching in horror at the gameplay videos online..I totally lost all hope in getting an awesome BTTF game. And the worst part is, look at the Jurassic Park trailer. It looks awesome. It's not cartoony, and from what Ive read its NOT going to be point and click. Apparently the designer said it wouldnt feel right to walk around aimlessly solving puzzles..? So why the hell is the Back to the Future game just that?! Whats the difference between BTTF and JP? Theyre both adventure movies. So why does JP get to be an awesome adventure game and BTTF, which is probably more popular anyway, is a cartoony, restricted, puzzle game? I just don't get it.....And to those of you out there who are going to rip me to shreads about not knowing what BTTF is about or sarcasticly tell me theyre sorry that its not like GTA, this time I know I am right that BTTF did not get the game it deserved.

So anyone out there who agrees with me, share your story. And if you disagree with me, please tell me why I should like the BTTF game.

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  • Giant Tope;453953 said:
    you're adoreable
    Well, we're "radical" in the sense our opinions don't match 96% of video game players.

    That said we're still very much entitled to our opinions.
  • I've started playing through the second episode and have my enthusiasm for this series is pretty much dead.

    Clunky and frustrating controls
    Awkward looking animations (Marty's run, for example)
    Sparse, uninteresting environments
    Dull puzzles that play themselves
    Distractingly poor audio quality
    Crap, ugly UI

    It seems these episodes have been a thrown together and then booted out the door with little concern for quality. I have concern for Telltale's upcoming projects since they seem to be taking on a whole lot more work when they can't cope with what they've got on their plate now.
  • Shadowknight1;454762 said:
    Then it wouldn't fit at all. Unless you time travel to the future, you'd be on foot because you'd have to hide the DeLorean. Make for rather boring gameplay if you ask me. .
    Your on foot for this game too....
  • My disappointment is nonexistant.
  • Older movie licenses such as The Godfather 1 & 2, Scarface, and The Warriors have recently been made into open world games, and Ghostbusters as a regular action game.
    The difference is that with all of those games there's an element of combat. The moment you give Marty a gun it stops being a Back to the Future game.
    Much of the gameplay is so glaringly obvious, it's just sitting right there ripe for the picking. It starts off with you getting hold of a new DeLorean time machine (shouldn't be terribly difficult to figure out a story here - Doc writes a letter from the past saying that his family is in trouble and he had previously hidden a new time machine for Marty in case something like this ever arose, whatever). In the beginning, you're limited by the vehicle's capabilities. You need plutonium for travel so you have to find it and use it sparingly (this is obv the basis for some missions). You also need to find long enough stretches of road to get up to 88 MPH, sometimes while being chased or under time constraints, etc.
    You say that the gameplay is glaringly obvious but aside from driving around and collecting plutonium what exactly is the game? A driving simulator? You mention hoverboards too so now it's Tony Hawks or SKATE?

    Look, I love GTA as much as anybody (Red Dead Redemption was my favorite game of 2010) but nobody has yet come up with a good enough reason for Back to the Future to be made in that style other than "being able to drive the DeLorean around".
  • I've actually enjoyed the game so far. My only disappointment has been the trim down in conversations. You don't seem to get the same amount of extra fun dialog as with the sam and max games. I know the reason is probably stream lining or something to that nature, but for me it effects how immersed I can get in the game.
    Fine then. What would YOU suggest for BTTF?
    Objective: Save Doc or whatever- like in this game

    Setting: Hill Valley, Free Roam
    Problem: Do we expect them to create a billion Hill Valleys from different times?
    Answer: No, butt head. Have the game center around 3 or so main time periods. Yes it would take a little longer to design 3 hill valleys but it would be worth it.

    Problem 2: It would take them a long time to design the one Hill Valley. How do they know how big it is?
    Answer2: They can use their imagination. And it is a VALLEY, so the borders of the town could be steep slopes that the player cannot climb up.

    Character: Play as Marty able to explore Hill Valley (Yes, like GTA). Marty is able to walk, run, ride skateboard, possibly drive his truck, etc.
    Problem: How can you give the player absolute freedom without Marty being like CJ or Nikko- running people over and such.
    Answer: While driving, for example, If you hit another car there is a consequence. Maybe you have to "start over" from a predetermined spot.
    And when walking or running, If Marty bumps into people he says "Oh, sorry mam. Oh, excuse me sir."

    Delorean: The player can have free control over the Delorean at certain points or all during the game. They can drive it in 1985 because it exists there.

    Problem: They can't drive the Delorean in past times. How are they supposed to get around? By walking?

    Answer: Yes and no. The player could walk, or use a means of transportation from that time (bike, car, horse?) after they hide the Delorean. And If they do drive the Delorean in a time where it doesn't exist, there could be a meter that goes up every time a towns person sees the car. If one person sees it their just one eye witness, but If too many people see it the meter would raise. If the meter got too high, the player would have to "start over" from a predetermined spot.

    Problem: If they can drive the Delorean, maybe they can't hit other cars, but what about people or trees/buildings. Will Marty hit and run or will the Delorean get smashed up?

    Answer: Yes and No. If Marty hits a person, again, you would have to start over. If you hit a tree/building the car would sustain only a certain amount of damage before it would be inoperable and the player would have to start over.

    Time Travel: There would be open spaces (farmland) where the player could potentially travel through time without towns people seeing.

    Problem: What is the explanation for only being able to travel to certain time periods?

    Answer: It could be something wrong with the time circuits that you can only travel to certain points or the last 3 times you had traveled to (DEPARTED, PRESENT, DESTINATION).

    Problem: How would Marty fuel the Delorean?
    Answer: Depending on WHICH Delorean was, most likely the 2015 upgrade one, he could gather trash for Mr. Fusion in order to time travel.

    Problem: What about paradoxes? What if Marty changes something in the past?

    Answer: Its already been said that Marty can't kill people, but If he were to run over, oh lets say, a pine tree. Or maybe something as small as a garbage can or street sign or something else..that would be a problem right? No. As Marty neared a seemingly unimportant object, it could turn red or have a red marker hover above it that would signal that it is important to history. If the player destroyed it, they would have to start over from a predetermined spot.

    Look/Style: If the game was good enough- I personally wouldn't care if it were photo-realistic or slightly cartoony.

    Music: During general game play it would be BTTF style background music and epic during action scenes. When Marty drives he could also listen to the radio and it would play of course, Johnny B Goode, Huey Lewis, and maybe other hit 80s tunes.

    So this is my idea of how a good BTTF game should operate. It can still have heart and story while still having a good amount of action and free roaming fun.

    Thanks for reading
  • I don't have any disappointment to share.
  • ADAMATION, you still haven't suggested what the player will actually DO. Simply wandering around a virtual environment isn't a game, whether you're driving the DeLorean or skateboarding. Imagine how boring GTA would be if they took out the combat.
  • McSuperfly101;455386 said:
    ADAMATION, you still haven't suggested what the player will actually DO. Simply wandering around a virtual environment isn't a game, whether you're driving the DeLorean or skateboarding. Imagine how boring GTA would be if they took out the combat.
    I was just about to add an addition. The player would be given missions to accomplish. It could be a mystery type game like the telltale one. Marty could go around Hill Valley looking for clues as to where Doc is or how to save him. Also if Marty is in a different time period, he could be challenged by the Biff of that time period or something. Biff could have some important clue and Marty would have to beat him in a challenge in order to obtain it. I'm just thinking off the top of my head. But it could be done...
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