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King's Quest NEEDS to have deaths.

posted by David J Prokopetz on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
There needs to be at least one way to trigger an elaborate and utterly arbitrary death cutscene on every single screen.

Am I wrong? :D

(Bonus points if the narrator mocks your corpse with cheesy wordplay afterwards.)
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  • I just don't see how having the main character vulnerable to dying is a bad gameplay convention. It exists in EVERY other major genre! Why is it only in adventure games (ironic, given the "adventure" part) that people want to say being able to die is a bad thing?
  • Because LucasArts convinced everybody it was. I personally think they (along with Cyan and the Myst franchise) were major factors in making modern day adventures, well, boring. Yes, Telltale's games are much more stimulating than any other adventure today, but they still lack that sense of danger. And any sense of danger they try to instill just feels like a facade because there's absolutely NO WAY to fail in a Telltale game. Even Riven and Myst had bad endings. At least you could die in Indiana Jones, but only through the arcade sequences.
  • MusicallyInspired;455525 said:
    Because LucasArts convinced everybody it was. I personally think they (along with Cyan and the Myst franchise) were major factors in making modern day adventures, well, boring.
    Well at least you can get bad endings in every Myst game.
  • I haven't completed Myst 3 and onward yet so I wasn't sure. But yeah, that's my point. There's always at least a sense of real danger of failure. That should exist in all games. Including adventures. Otherwise it's just a puzzle game and that's just not as interesting to me.
  • The biggest thing keeping Telltale from greatness is the lack of ways to die in the games. There's never any fear in doing the wrong thing because you just can't mess the game up!

    The classic King's Quest games (and all of Sierra's adventures for that matter) had so many ways to die. I'm not saying it needs to be as hard as the old games because obviously we're in a different era and you want everyone to be able to enjoy the story, but give us SOME sense of danger.
  • Totally they need to have deaths... but it should have a smart system and save your place....

    But NO deadends.
  • There needs to be more than deaths. There needs to be alternate bad endings. There basically needs to be consequences for actions/inactions and a resulting failure. There needs to be danger. (I'm not necessarily talking about dead ends)

    I should say that I don't just want something that's basically a Telltale game with deaths. That wouldn't be any good either. That's no different than the game holding your hand all the way through like the current Telltale games do.
  • Emily;455517 said:
    Also, Roberta didn't exactly invent these conventions. The text adventures that came before King's Quest used them, too. You can't fault her for designing the type of experience the audience at the time expected and that she herself had experienced in games she'd played and enjoyed.
    Exactly. Even if we entertain the notion that the LucasArts model of making Adventure games is inherently and objectively better in every way, and that they innovated the genre by removing all of the negative elements of it that were present in many of the day's Sierra adventures, Roberta can't be blamed for not innovating exactly the same way LucasArts did. I personally find the notion ridiculous, but even if we believe it, then she is at worst a product of her time. Even then, though, considering how many innovations appeared first in Roberta Williams games, I think she's paid her dues in terms of innovation and value to the computer gaming community, and the massive bitch-fest that surrounds her is extremely overblown, if not entirely undeserved.
  • If it's King's Quest and I don't die a thousand different ways before I figure out how to solve it, I'm going to be very disappointed.
  • There WILL be deaths.. TTG is smart enough to know that the old games had them and that they need to be included... its not like they are afraid to kill the player... the Jurassic Park videos are proof of that.
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