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Will Telltale count "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity?

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Just curious, will Telltale count the fan game "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity as Activision eventually allowed it to be released even though at first they issued a cease-and-desist?
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  • Lambonius;455406 said:
    God I hope not.
    MusicallyInspired;455518 said:
    God I hope not.
    Blackthorne519;455684 said:
    God, I hope not.
    God, I hope not.

    That makes four from IA. And Rather Dashing, of course. Have I killed the joke yet? :D
  • God I hope so! :D

    Though lacking in some areas (from what I've seen in the first two parts) it's still far from completely divorced of the magic, and it's still evolving. I'll be pretty darned pleased if TellTale hits this close in aesthetic, tone and story. In fact, as it is now, the game structure feels a lot like the TellTale staple; 5 episodes with a few panning camera screens each. If they can raise beyond the linear plot control and restricted locations, then it will really feel like a King's Quest and I'll be ecstatic (the TSL developers seem to think they can do just that when it's released as one game).

    But as to TSL being likely to be included in continuity, chances are it won't. Generally that's what to expect from a fan game status, even though these fan games are likely a huge part of the reason the series is being revived.

    There are wild cards here; the Lead designer of TSL used to work for TTG, and who knows the exact nature of what they've worked out with Activision, maybe there's more room for discourse here then usual. The best to hope, I figure, is if they agree not to tread on the others toes; say not tell a story about the Black Cloaks per say, or dramatically rewrite KQ Canon.

    I just wish all the games, or at least the "good ones", would just flow harmoniously, then I wouldn't have to think about "alternate realities" or play favorites. Heck, so far AGDI's stories aren't incompatible with TSL per say, although they are both actively releasing more so maybe not anymore.

    (Why is this happening all at once BTW? Can the internet handle this amount of Fangasm?
    Brainiac;455875 said:
    Have I killed the joke yet? :D
    God I hope so!
  • But what a coincidence that you showed up 3 minutes before I was done. Excellent timing, and thanks for the extra joke!
  • Gosh, I hope not. LOL

    I've only played episode 1 and a few parts of episode 2 so I might have gotten the whole experience playing TSL, but from what I have gotten, it is just full of fanservice. It fills too convoluted since it is strongly tied to KQ6 and 7. With a reboot, TTG has less restrictions and more freedom in working on their own KQ game
  • No I hope not. If telltale was to make it's own sequel to KQ I'd rather see them use their own vision rather than reference wildly different interpretations by the various fan games.

    The fan games take quite a few liberties from the canon games that simply shouldn't appear in an official game.

    Intact I would go as far to say I'd like the game to receive some input from former Sierra KQ developers and designers who might have a clue of the direction Roberta herself would have taken with KQ9. Or incorporate ideas cut during the development from previous games in the series into new story.
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    no, Telltale shouldn't take TSL into consideration. The Silver Lining is a fan's dream, and is catered very much to the fans, absolutely and completely filled with nostalgia, and even forcing the story and changing some of the facts to make it feel as if the whole series revolved around the same thing, making connections that only fans would understand, and taking the series to a step beyond King's Quest VI, in terms of a more serious and elaborated plot.

    The plot of The Silver Lining works in a way so that we could bring back all of the characters that we learned to love and hate, and so that we could reference each one of the games in the franchise somehow, and to introduce that "epic" factor that many fans would expect from a final episode. The choices for TSL were all made around the idea of giving the fans the opportunity to spend one last time with all their beloved characters and to really get to know them. --again, thinking as fans, what would a fan's dream wish to see in what we wanted to do as the final episode of the saga.

    But for a reboot/commercial game, things would need to be taken in a fresh new direction, and go back to the roots of King's Quest, where simplicity was key. Where it all revolved around the simple task of exploring a new land, a simple goal, and a simple villain, great puzzles, death sequences, and the enchanting idea of being one of the royal family members in a new quest. But, again, and like many have said here, simplicity is key. Where all goes back to the very roots of fairy tales, folklore and mythology, and, of course, adventure!, and where we can enjoy being once more with the Daventry family.

    Director, The Silver Lining

    PS: And can someone remove the Telltale logo from my profile? I don't work here anymore :)
  • Question for clarification: Are you working on this project specifically? If so, what are you doing?
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    for TSL, you mean? I designed, directed and produced it.

    If you mean Telltale's KQ, I'm not affiliated with Telltale anymore.
  • In that case, you should have changed your signature, title, and whatnot slightly before posting in a thread about this sort of thing, and maybe explained your involvement with TSL.

    But it was also probably mostly my bad. I kind of anxious to hear anything concrete from guys on the inside other than "Your call is very important to us. Please stand by. Your expected wait time is LESS THAN fifteen minutes."
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