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Monkey Island on PSN for $9

posted by PhillySportsFan1985 on - last edited - Viewed by 575 users
Hey everyone, i just recently became a fan of telltale games by playing the back to the future game on the playstation network. While searching other telltale games i found Monkey Island all 5 episodes for $9. Can anyone give their opinion on the game and the price? Thanks
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  • by not using your own address..... I do that, the Japanese version of Home is crazy.
  • Right, but I thought you couldn't buy anything unless you had a credit card from the country you're buying from, and that Silverwolfpet could somehow manage it. Can you buy anything with your "foreign" credit card?
  • Sony has an idiotic way of asking you to create a real account and then shutting you down by telling you: "Oh we're sorry, romania sucks so we don't have support for PSN there. Tough luck!".

    So I say: "Well, YOU suck!", being mature about it, and I just give fake names and addresses so I can buy stuff. The money reaches them in a legit way, I get the stuff in a legit way, everything is legit. If they're stupid about it, that's their fault.

    I actually contacted Sony several times about this issue... nobody replied. So I took that as an "Ok, do as you want".


    I'm in an immature mood today, sorry.
  • Thanks, but can you use your Romanian credit card to buy stuff on your US account?
  • No, I buy PSN dollar-cards with my Romanian credit card. And those work in europe or in usa. Depending on what I want to buy, I choose the appropriate PSN dollar-card (or PSN Euro-card).

    PayPal makes it safer (in my opinion). There are many people who sell fake cards, but official sites are good. You get the code in an e-mail and that's it.

    I heard some people actually used romanian cards to buy directly from the store...but mine doesn't work. Visa or MasterCard has some issues with the PSN store, not sure about it. The important thing is that it is all legal and correct. They get money, I get product.
  • I'll try that, thanks very much!
  • What? NO! Hahaha, I'm not teaching people to by-pass the normal system. Where are you from? If your country supports PSN or whatever, use THAT service. I'm forced to use something else :p
  • giuliop;455584 said:
    I'll try that keep this information safe for when I move to Romania or some other country that forces me to use it, thanks very much!
    Fixed. :D
  • I've registered false address accounts to get demos earlier on PSN... on some occasions thing like themes are free in Japan and cost money for the US.
  • Irishmile;456193 said:
    I've registered false address accounts to get demos earlier on PSN... on some occasions thing like themes are free in Japan and cost money for the US.
    I is unfair. All this political/merchandise stuff...meh.
    When I'll become really famous and I'll make huge budget movies, my movies will cost the same everywhere and they will be available everywhere!

    Heck, I'll upload them personally on torrent sites so people who can't buy them will see them anyway!

    When you create something cool, the idea is that people should see it! Money comes in second. Always.
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