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Will Telltale count "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity?

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Just curious, will Telltale count the fan game "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity as Activision eventually allowed it to be released even though at first they issued a cease-and-desist?
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    sorry, I hadn't posted here since my days at Telltale. I didn't notice all that until I actually made the post.

    For the record, I'm extremely excited that Telltale is doing this. I know the team, there's some crazy talent there and I'm sure they'll do an amazing job.
  • I'm a bit biased towards TSL too, but I certainly agree that it should be considered wholly separate from canon. It would be really interesting to see what the official continuation would be, if any. I wonder how much of the series they're planning on rebooting? They should totally redo Mask of Eternity and take out all the fighting. XD Or maybe make it more QFG style.

    Also, I'm aware that TSL isn't perfect, but it still feels pretty dang awesome to see the end result after so many years. I'm honored to be a part of it. Now where did I put that lamp...
  • Cez, your post is fabulous.

    I have much admiration for many aspects of the fan games, but what you say in the last paragraph before your signature is what official King's Quest is all about.

    As you say, they need to tap into the original energy rather than advanced elaborations of it, regardless of how admirable those elaborations are.

    You are a great sport. :)
  • I love TSL, but I agree that it shouldn't be considered for Telltale's reboot. Nobody ever claimed it was official, and I don't think it should be treated as such. I'm really looking forward to seeing what TT does with King's Quest!
  • I really excited for a new Kings Quest too! Who would turn down a new Kings Quest, I wouldn't. TSL is like the books that were published years ago and those were great too. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
  • waltzdancing;456191 said:
    Who would turn down a new Kings Quest
    Anyone that doesn't really care for 7 and 8, for one. Anyone who doesn't want the rivals who despise everything about the original game's design philosophy helming the fate of the franchise is another. People who think an honorable death is better than digging it up, stuffing it, and parading it about to imitate life in some vengeful money-grabbing scheme is another group that might turn down a new game that happens to bear the King's Quest name and superficial graphical and story elements.
  • TSL is a fan biased game, I don't think its intended to be set in stone (so to say) to be apart of the KQ series, But more of a ending for those who never got a ending of other parts of the game, Yeah King Graham and Valanice are happy together and his children both are married and live happily ever after, But what about the those villains, what brought that family together? There are some questions that remain open. TSL is filling that. Yeah its different, But wasn't KQ7 and KQ8, they both went way out in left field, and you got those who love the games and others who don't. I had not even known KQ8 was part of KQ at all. It is different. Either way they ARE apart of KQ series.
    TSL is doing great work on their part as a fan biased game, everything in the game has meaning, and tell some part of a characters life in the game. TSL may not be for everyone, But id still recommend waiting it out. They are only on Episode 3, Who knows where it will go from there.
  • "Will Telltale count "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity?"

    No. Because The Silver Lining is a fan made game, not an official King's Quest game.
  • Marquillin;455881 said:
    There are wild cards here; the Lead designer of TSL used to work for TTG, and who knows the exact nature of what they've worked out with Activision, maybe there's more room for discourse here then usual. The best to hope, I figure, is if they agree not to tread on the others toes; say not tell a story about the Black Cloaks per say, or dramatically rewrite KQ Canon.
    Cesar worked for Activision too.
  • TSL is cool. The 3rd episode came out a few days ago, and is way longer than the previous 2 combined. As far as TellTale and the reboot, I'm curious to see what they do. I don't think it has to follow TSL's plot (I'm not opposed, but any new KQ is good for me). Kind of like the original Batman with Micheal Keaton vs. The new one. Both good in their own ways. But I would highly suggest anyone who has only played first 2 episodes of TSL try the 3rd. Very full.

    Can anyone tell me anything more about the reboot?
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