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OK, is my game bugged or am I just stupid? (Season 2 Episode 1:Boxing minigame)

posted by Chris1 on - last edited - Viewed by 945 users
I'm trying to play the boxing mini game.
As far as I can see, I've got A and D for left and right punch, and the left and right arrow keys for dodging left and right.

I'm doing my best to win by randomly bashing the buttons; I'm connecting half of the time, but my opponent's HP isn't going down.
He's also not attacking me, so I've no way to get out of the mini-game except for pressing Alt-F4.

What am I doing wrong? Is my game bugged, or did I just plain miss something?
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  • wait for him to throw the firsy punch then counter it
  • If he raises his left fist, move to the right. When he misses, give him a punch. Repeat.
  • Wow, thanks for the quick replies!

    It didn't help though - that rat still didn't move. Saving, restarting and reloading didn't do it either.

    I reloaded from an earlier save and tried to play back through to that point, and suddenly the game was playing properly though - I think it must have been a bug in my save.

    ...does that mean I should repost this in the tech support forum..?
  • Best report that to the guys over at support!
  • Throw a punch or two at the beginning of the match then wait for him to raise a glove at the moment the glove comes up you can throw a punch that will connect and drain his HP if your quick, I use the mouse for this, otherwise dodge the punch appropriately and throw your own.
  • it dont matter which arm you attack with... you just have to do it at the right time... which is in the few seconds right after they come at you and their guard is still down

    to dodge the blows, you have to dodge in the direction of their punch... (if they come at you with a left, go right... and vice versa) each time you hit after the come at you... you should take off a hit point from your oppenent, and they also react to the hit, and the announcer will yell as well

    when you get to jimmy... just make sure you watch the mega glove he has on his right... it knocks you out in one punch

    and if you are having issues with your keyboard, just use your mouse...
  • Mouse is a lot harder, actually. Its dodge sensor isn't nearly sensitive enough, so you end up trying to move your mouse left and right and failing to dodge before the punch comes.
  • just throw your punch, right or left doesn't matter, the moment the glove comes up. I haven't had any trouble with my mouse going too slow, if anything I've gone to fast with it and come back to center just as the punch comes in:rolleyes:. I am using an optical mouse against blue\black\silver background.
    But if you're quick with your mouse buttons you really don't need to dodge at all.
  • The first time I played this mini-game, I forget that the keys are for QWERTY keyboards, not french AZERTY :D
  • esteban;45919 said:
    The first time I played this mini-game, I forget that the keys are for QWERTY keyboards, not french AZERTY :D

    You only really need to use the A key. That's the only key I used to throw a punch every time.
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