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Kings Quest 1-8

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Some of you may not have played any or all of the games. So before you hunt down old copies on ebay or something that you may have a hard time getting to work on a newer system I would like to suggest this alternative... offers all 8 original games for about $30 and they broke them into three parts....

Kings Quest 1-3 $9.99

Kings Quest 4-6 $9.99

Kings Quest 7 and 8 $9.99

as a second alternative you could buy a physical copy of the Kings Quest collection... This has only games 1-7... but in my opinion 8 is NOT really part of the series anyway its more like a spinoff action game set in the same world as KQ.... I mean even the character is not part of the royal family.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    StingingVelvet;456592 said:
    That stretches the image to fill the screen for me :(
    Is "aspect ratio mode correction" ticked? If not, maybe unticking that might help.
  • It might be a monitor or graphics driver issue. Some monitors have an aspect ratio toggle right on the monitor buttons and by default it's set to stretch. Or your graphics driver may be able to do it. That is, if "aspect ratio mode correction" doesn't help.
  • The Kings Quest on Steam, if I get it will KQ7 work on windows vista? Don't want to get it if it won't.
  • Yes it will. Just go to and download the appropriate patch for that version of the collection to ensure everything plays properly.
  • I have video walkthroughs for the 8 King's Quest games on YouTube in two playlists. I tried to post the links here, but Telltale Games didn't let me.

    C'mom, people, what's the problem? I just want to show the evolution of King's Quest series to those who never played the 8 first games.
  • Let me try. Here's the playlist of ripper's walkthroughs for King's Quest I, King's Quest II, King's Quest III, King's Quest IV, King's Quest V, King's Quest VI and King's Quest VII. There's also a partial walkthrough of King's Quest VIII.

    The rest of the King's Quest VIII walkthrough can be found here.
  • I'd play the remakes instead of watching this, or download the games through the boundle TT sold earlier last year.
  • I'd personally say that the fan remakes are not a proper replacement for playing the true original King's Quest games, they take liberties to the original stories. There is no continuity between each team's versions of the games, as well (other than games made by the same team). if iyou are playing in order, you might find the differences confusing. It is a good idea to play the originals to see the stories as Roberta Williams and other Sierra developers originally intended.

    Actually the only the VGA KQ1 remake is pretty much 100% an exact remake of the original KQ1 remake (as most of the other teams games add to and modify a few events from previous versions). The other remakes vary, remaining 30% to 90% similar to the originals.

    They are great to play too, but definitely go through the originals. If you can play both, play both the original AGI King's Quest and the remake, they each offer a unique experience.

    That being said, only playing the free remakes (while refusing to buy the originals) does take some money away from Activision. So its almost akin to pirating... So ya, if you play remakes, definitely go out and buy the originals! They are a completely different experience, and you will show support to the series, and its continuation!
  • No, it's not akin to pirating. Those remakes are officially licensed and sanctioned by ActiVision. Meaning ActiVision is ok with you playing them for free. It's nothing like pirating. I know what you're getting at, but saying that makes people feel guilty about playing them and they shouldn't.

    That said, definitely play the originals.

    ActiVision has also allowed officially to host the first AGI games of each Sierra series streaming on the web in your browser. So you can play KQ1AGI for free.
  • I don't mean it is actual 'pirating' (I know they aren't 'illegal'), I mean people shouldn't just play the remakes because they are 'free', while refusing to buy the originals (because they cost money). They don't replace the originals, and people should definitely still go out and buy the originals.

    I've come across a few people who have asked why they should buy the originals, if the fan remakes were free. I've seen some who advised others to just play the free remakes, and avoid paying for the originals. I see this mentality as akin to 'pirating' (though its technically legal). Its an individual to individual circumstance.

    'akin' doesn't mean, the 'same thing'.
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