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Reboot or continuation?

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Every article keeps referring to this as a King's Quest "reboot". However, in this article, Telltale's Steve Allison says it's "much like we did with Monkey Island", and I think most of us wouldn't call TOMI a "reboot".

So, when they say "reboot", do they just mean "relaunch"? Will it be a TOMI style continuation? Or a KQII+ style reimagining of the existing timeline?
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  • I think they could make a sequel and be vague on when it fits in with the rest.... It could be at the same time as three... or even during six or seven..... Because Graham had to be doing something during those times.
  • I'd like to see it start out again, with the return of "Sir" Graham.

  • Personally, I'm very much hoping for a true sequel that takes place a few years after the events of Mask of Eternity, or perhaps even after The Silver Lining if they wish to take it into account. Either way would work out for me.

    And I hope we'll have a new land to explore, instead of re-imagining Kolyma, Llewdor, Tamir, Serenia, the Land of the Green Isles or the Realm of Eldritch. I'd like to see Daventry again though. And new characters too, with the occasional reference here and there of course!
  • I'd like to see Daventry, too, although it hasn't seen a whole lot of continuity in geography over the course of the series. :P
  • doggans;455749 said:
    I'd like to see Daventry, too, although it hasn't seen a whole lot of continuity in geography over the course of the series. :P
    Yeah, Daventry was only thoroughly explored in the first game, briefly in the third one, and in the first level of Mask of Eternity. We saw it in the other games but it was mostly cut-scene material. I sure would like to see it again somehow!
  • As I said in another thread, I'm hoping they do something in between IV and V or V and VI: that is, the royal family has been reunited, but are still all in Daventry. If the series isn't a complete reboot, I believe that'd be the best place to start it, since you can have adventures without having to include or explain all the ancillary characters from the later games, like TSL has done. I mean, it's kind of cool to see Oberon and Titania from VII in the Castle of the Crown from VI, but I doubt Telltale wants to deal with all of that baggage when trying to craft a new game. Setting it between IV and V keeps the the royal family intact, while still giving them an option to do a re-imagining.
  • Like other posters have mentioned, I think it would not be the best idea to shoehorn a new adventure between existing instalments... It would be problematic in many ways, distorting the existing timeline and asking us to believe in the new tale yet obviously without the later instalments making reference to these events.
  • I think it's a bad choice of word, that's all. Did they reboot Monkey Island, BTTF, Strong Bad, Sam & Max or Wallace And Gromit? Why start now? Why reboot it when they could create their own fantasy IP and not give a dime to Activision? If they got the rights to King's Quest, it's because they want to work with the world in question.
  • I think if they do 5 episodes why restrict it to one character? KQ7 jumped back and forth between Rosella and Valenice. Personally I'd like to see them jump between Graham and Alexander, maybe on two different sides of a war. Like Graham was taken prisoner and is trying to escape while Alexander is trying to spring him free at the same time.
  • If the royal family is going to be playable, I would love to see Valenice as a main character again. I loved how she was such a total priss about everything, even moreso than Rosella. I think it would be pretty cool to have each epsiode feature a different character, like Sixkiller said.
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