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Who's your favourite Adventure sidekick (& why)?

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Who's it gonna be?

The gorgeous and feisty Elane Marley?
The manic, unpredictable, hyperkinetic rabbity thing, Max?
Slothful roadie Hoagie / bug eyed med-student Laverne?
Cute assed but somewhat airheaded Sophia Hapgood?
Inexplicably loved but totally useless skull Murray?
Or like me, is your favourite the loveable big orange monster Glottis?

Or, heaven forbid, does your Oscar for best supporting role in an Adventure Videogame actually go to someone from a non-LucasArts game?

Let us know...
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  • just an unrelated remark I want to make.
    The guest user HieroHero is the same user called Hero1 who's moderating the forums nowadays.
    Just in case you were curious to know.
  • No love for Flux Wildly in this thread? :(
  • My favorite sidekick is the voice in my head always trying to get me to kill people and buy more pixie sticks. He cracks me up.
  • Sam.


    But no, really. Sam.
  • Remolay;457471 said:
    Wow, 6 years old.

    Wow, Telltale Games has been around since I was 11 at least.

    Anyway, my answer is Max, because of his delightfully offbeat comments on everything.
    I never looked at it like that before. 6 years...I was 17.
  • I feel it might be appropriate to mention Top Five with Lisa Foiles once again for her most recent list, the Top 5 Wise-Cracking Sidekicks. Her #5 was the marvelous Crow from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall (man, I want Dreamfall Chapters or the "real" TLJ2 something fierce) and her #2 was the always amusing Max.
  • classic: Cedric from King's Quest 5.


    modern: Harvey (Edna bricht aus)

  • Max is definitely my favorite adventure game sidekick. I have grown fond of Winslow recently.

    outside of adventure games Chewbacca will always be the best wing man in the great history of bromance.
  • I love Elaine as a character, but I wouldn't call her a sidekick.

    Acutally one of my favorite sets of sidekicks in adventure gaming would be the trio of Carla, Otis and I. Cheese from EMI. They were hilarious to talk to and I kind of wish they'd been used more.

    In non-adventure gaming, my favorite sidekick would probably be Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. along with forming the original power trio with the protagonist and Yosuke (probably my least favorite character after Teddie, but still entertaining in his own right given the right circumstances), she had one of the best social links of the bunch (let's go find ourselves by beating up bullies, kung fu training and eating steaks!) and was actually one of the best physical fighters along with being able ot One-hit K.O. both regular enemies and MINI BOSSES. Plus overall she was just a fun character to have bouncing off the other personalities of the Inaba Scoobies.
  • Max is the obvious choice, but I also loved Spot from The Whispered World.
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