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Who's your favourite Adventure sidekick (& why)?

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Who's it gonna be?

The gorgeous and feisty Elane Marley?
The manic, unpredictable, hyperkinetic rabbity thing, Max?
Slothful roadie Hoagie / bug eyed med-student Laverne?
Cute assed but somewhat airheaded Sophia Hapgood?
Inexplicably loved but totally useless skull Murray?
Or like me, is your favourite the loveable big orange monster Glottis?

Or, heaven forbid, does your Oscar for best supporting role in an Adventure Videogame actually go to someone from a non-LucasArts game?

Let us know...
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  • I'm going to join some of the previous posters from this thread and sing Glottis' praise!
  • Spock. There is something enjoyable about listening to Leonard Nimoy...

    Speaking of which, I would love someone to make a Sonic SatAM adventure game, because Dr. Robotnik's voice in that series is awesome, in that "voice of evil" way. Ah, his voice actor's Jim Cumming. Nice to have a label for the most delectably evil voice in animation.
  • Max and HK-47. Probably because they have very similar personalities.
  • doodo!;457564 said:
    I never looked at it like that before. 6 years...I was 17.
    The difference between 33 and 39 is negligible.

    Anyway, nice to see this old discussion resurrected!

    And I think Max now outranks Glottis. More games and all.
  • jp-30;458057 said:
    And I think Max now outranks Glottis. More games and all.
    Floyd outranks them all on the basis of seniority.
  • I was going to suggest Floyd too. Good old Infocom!
  • Floyd a good friend, huh?
  • Sam, he always was a good little sidekick as Max truly solved the case.
    Sam always was so cute, thinking he figured it all out "hey I can defeat skunkape with this paddle ball set" so cute:D
    But clearly Max was always 12 steps ahead of his little sidekick.
  • Wow, there's been some fantastic suggestions. Frankly, there's just too many to choose from so please excuse me whilst I act like a sheep wearing a tool-belt and say that I also adore the following (in some kind of vague order of preference):

    1/ Joey - The classic Friends spinoff show but no, seriously... Beneath A Steel Sky. I love that raspy voice of his. I didn't like it when he upgraded to that bulky wielder shell though. It's much funnier to have a mouse get angry than an elephant.
    2/ Glottis - I just want to carry him around in my pocket, or should that be the other way around!
    3/ Hoagie - It's like seeing a reflection of myself, a fatter reflection.
    4/ Murray - Nuff said, respect due!
    5/ Max - Satan bless the demonic little urchin.
    6/ Laverne - For one reason and one reason only; 'Yoo-hoo! Mr. Tentacle Guy! Oooh...I don't feel so good' Best. Line. Reading. Ever.

    I'm surprised that no-one's mentioned Froderick the bat from A Vampyre's Story. Not only was he a lovable sidekick but also the best aspect of the entire game.

    Just for fun, here's a couple of nominations for my hall of shame:

    * Cedric (King's Quest V) - Just watch this. Poisonous Gypsies?! The Raciest little sod.
    * Elaine (Monkey Island IV) - To be fair, it wasn't just Elaine who had become an annoyance for this sequel but also Guybrush and LeChuck. As Jill Valentine might say; 'A shadow of their former selves'.
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