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Which KQ game is your favorite?

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Haha... never thought I'd see the day where we'd be encouraged to talk about Sierra games on the Telltale forum (without having to be afraid that LucasArts fans would throw tomatoes at us or something).

Ahem, anyway... I'm curious which of the KQ games is everyone's favorite? Mine's King's Quest 6... traveling back and forth between the islands was a nice element and I loved the sappy love story. (I was a 14 year old girl, it's kind of to be expected.) I might have had a crush on Alexander.

My close second would probably be KQ4. I guess I like the ones that have strong emotional elements. King's Quest 5 should have had that kind of story, what with Graham on a quest to save his family and all, but that game just didn't do it for me. (The artwork was gorgeous though.)

How about everyone else?

EDIT: D'oh, this is a duplicate thread. I didn't see the poll before I posted this. Maybe a mod can combine them?
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