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Jurassic Park Disc Release

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I have pre-ordered every tell tale release going back to sam & max season 1. I have also always added on any extras that were offered with the disc, such as the envelopes of goodies with S&M and the pirate box for Monkey Island.

I went to pre-order JP and noticed there was no mention of a disc release for those who order the game. Thinking back, I'm not sure I saw anything about that when I got the Back to the Future set either.

Before I pre-order, I'd like to confirm a physical disc will be made available. I'd also like to know if any "extras" are planned to be offered with any upcoming games.

Looking at my order history it doesn't seem there was a disc for S&M season 3 either :/
edit: there is, I just didn't know it! ordering now! yay

With major new franchises coming in like KQ and Walking Dead, I would really hate to see a digital only release on these games.
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