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Reboot or continuation?

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Every article keeps referring to this as a King's Quest "reboot". However, in this article, Telltale's Steve Allison says it's "much like we did with Monkey Island", and I think most of us wouldn't call TOMI a "reboot".

So, when they say "reboot", do they just mean "relaunch"? Will it be a TOMI style continuation? Or a KQII+ style reimagining of the existing timeline?
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  • I think it would be very cool to play as King Graham again, whether as a young man or an older guy. It would be the way to start the series on the right foot - showing proper respect for the original hero and all.
  • Yeah... Graham is like the Harrison Ford of adventure games... it doesnt matter if he is an old dude you KNOW he is gonna kick ass and look cool doing it.
  • I can't imagine Graham not being the main character of any kind of reboot/revival of the series after 25 years. I mean, he is THE iconic King's Quest character. I would be shocked if he wasn't the player character in this game.
  • I can't either. To suggest the playable character be Alexander's kid would be like asking for TOMI2 to have a playable Guybrush's kid. *shudder* *knock on wood*

    If it were a reboot, that would suggest not only playing as Graham but also starting over from the beginning when he was a knight again. Just because something is a reboot it doesn't mean the lore of the original storyline is dumped.
  • Chyron you have a point. Don't know if you play Castlevania games. But the upcoming Nintendo 3DS Castlevania which follows off the Lords of Shadow reboot, will be giving their own interpretation of Trevor Belmont and Simon Belmont in that universe.

    Somehow they are connected to Gabriel Belmont, I.E. Dracula.

    Even the first Lords of Shadow game had alot of material taken from the original series, but reinterpreted for its new universe.
  • If I could vote on it, I would vote for Sir/King Graham being the lead character again. (This may be because back in the day I played King's Quest II, then King's Quest V, and only met Alexander and Rosella a few years ago.) Not that I wouldn't want to see other characters again, but Graham's the iconic KQ character. I think seeing how HE has been refreshed will say a lot about the approach the new design is taking.
  • ^ Considering how long it's been since the last Kings Quest - I agree. It would be wise to start with Graham again and then build it from there. Hell, since TT does things episodic, maybe they could dedicate a chapter to each family member and then build on new characters?
  • Nah, changing the playable characters in every episode would more than likely dilute the story overly much.
  • Although, I wouldn't mind having a companion following Graham around, so long as they were more helpful than Cedric.

    Kinda like Sam & Max. Max is way more helpful than Cedric.
  • Chyron8472;620167 said:
    Max is way more helpful than Cedric.
    "I was going to mention the poisonous snake, but I really wanted to see the look on your face when it sank its razor-sharp fangs into your pasty royal flesh. SPOILERS!"
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