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Are there a free episode

posted by virgil79 on - last edited - Viewed by 354 users
hey are thay going release a free episode for the jurassic pack like thay did withe the back to the future
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  • Nothing is announced. I'd say unlikely, they are charging for a full season ($35 for non pre-orders) and I don't think the blu-ray is coming out before the game for promotion, at least not in Australia. There will probably be a demo though.
  • blu-ray is coming out before the game
    what blu-ray are you thanking about are thay release a new movie
  • Sorry, what I meant by that was that the BttF free episode was a promotion with the BttF blu-ray release, though they ended up just giving the game free to everyone. As far as I know Jurassic Park isn't getting a re-release before April when the game comes out, though I don't follow blu-ray releases in the States so I could be dead wrong.

    What I'm trying to get at is I don't think they are doing a similar type promotion with this one.
  • Personally I don't need a full free episode. A demo would be nice though.
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