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the end battle of get tannen

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you see, i found tannen, but i cant get to him and beat him, any help please
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  • Try talking to him several times in a row until the situation changes. Then move towards the barrels. You should be able to handle it from there.
  • If you're with officer Parker, go to the hooch barrels and talk to Kid. Take the fallen barrel and throw it to the gap; go back with Parker and you'll see Edna opening a window. While still behind the car with Parker, talk to Kid until Edna is completelly out the building; then light the hooch trail with the lighter.

    If you're on the rooftop, click on the harness when Kid goes over the car trying to stab you. Your timing has to be precise.
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  • This puzzle actually made me use a hint, because I didnt get what the reporter was doing, I thouhgt I was supposed to find her:D
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