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Even as a Kings Quest fan, my first reaction to this was, "I hope this means tell tale will eventually get to do a Leisure Suit Larry game!" Was I alone in this? I think the humor in tell tale's games (especially the sam & max series) would fit in well with LLL. Any other Sierra games that should get this treatment?
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  • Rather Dashing, I share your wish wholeheartedly.
  • It's surprising, to me, that there is actually a lot of disagreement about which Sierra game would be the ideal one for Telltale to tackle.

    Personally, I would have thought that Space Quest was the obvious choice. Especially if they could drag Scott Murphy out of retirement for it.

    Clearly, tastes vary. But I for one am really hoping that I'll get to see Roger Wilco pick up his mop again. That would be an insta-buy for me.
  • See, I think Space Quest is the worst choice for a Telltale game. Besides it being my favourite game series and my reservations about Telltale dumbing it down aside, it just isn't Telltale's brand of humour. No matter what game Telltale has made they all have the same humour. Sometimes it's chuckle worthy, but most of the time it's just ok and not anything special. Space Quest wouldn't work with Telltale just because it's a comedy. It's a completely different brand of comedy that I just don't see Telltale replicating properly.

    As much as I want to see a new Space Quest game someday, I don't really think Telltale is the company to bring it. I would NOT buy it.
  • MusicallyInspired;459076 said:
    No matter what game Telltale has made they all have the same humour.
    You really think so? I thought the humor in SBCG4AP felt like Brothers Chaps humor, the humor in Wallace and Gromit felt like Aardman humor, and the humor in BTTF feels mostly like Gale-Zemeckis humor, and I wouldn't say any of those humor styles feel very much like each other.
  • I can't agree with you. Telltale's aroma is smelled in all the writing for their games. Especially in the humour.
  • I'll admit that Telltale's personal style does seep through in each game, but to me it's always felt supplemental to each franchise's individual sense of humor. The vast majority of the jokes from SBCG4AP would have felt right at home in a Homestar Runner cartoon, but would have been really out of place in a Wallace and Gromit short. And vice-versa.

    I don't know, maybe my frequently-selective memory is only focusing on the parts that felt right in each game. :P
  • Well, I do moreso agree about SBCG4AP, but I always assumed that the Brothers Chaps themselves penned most of the humour, being their creation and all.
  • Quest For Glory Same Old Story RPG Style - I Wish :p

    When i Played the QFG Games, i always made the Heroes up as Brothers: Sam The Thief - Conan the Fighter - Connor The Paladin - Willow The Wizard

    In QFG5 i had an Idea in my Head:

    Katrina Marry the Wizard and take over the Science Lab as their Laboratory and send Igor to Mordavia so he can live with that Mad Doctor and his Lady Igor.

    The Paladin Marry Erana, then they travel the World doing Paladin stuff.

    The Thief Marry (whats her name) and take over the Thief Guild, its still Never revealed whats so Important about that Stupid Blackbird.

    The Fighter Marry Elsa and become King and Queen of Silmaria, yet i thought we Killed Toro in Spielburg (QFG1)

    Anywaaayyy, wouldn't it be Cool if theres an RPG Game like Oblivion where we Play as the Children of the Characters and go to the 5 Places from the 5 Games after all the Events and go to New Places Grin

    Katrina the Human (Vampire) and the Wizard gets a Daughter

    Erana and the Paladin also gets a Daughter

    The Fighter and Elsa gets a Son

    The Thief and his Wife also gets a Son
  • I think that out of all of the Sierra series, the most likely to continue is actually Quest for Glory. Although it ended well with Dragon's Fire, I think Lori Ann and Corey Cole are still in the business. They still love their games, and they run the School for Heroes, which is based on Quest for Glory. So even if there won't be a direct sequel to Quest for Glory, a spinoff is quite likely. And sign this petition!
  • Rather Dashing;458566 said:
    I still would love to see a modern go at a game with full-motion actors like Phantasmagoria.
    This. Mystery House would also be great; I mean, it has a great premise. Although Laura Bow - The Colonel's Bequest already was sort of a update of it.
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