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I have friends, but I've forgotten about them for over 5 years

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I can hardly believe it, I was in complete denial. I have friends...I haven't spoke to them, talked to them in over 5 years. When my psyche took its final blows I completely forgot about all my friends. I found one and he accepted my Facebook add...

There's a few more that are likely to be lost forever.

I'm such a horrible person, I forgot about all my friends and never made any new friends. What's wrong with me? I feel terrible...

I have could I treat them this way?

I don't know how to start over with them.

I had a almost normal life before the last heavy blows to my psyche. OMG, what have I done...

I said we should hang out some time, but all I'm getting is the cat and cradle, and the silver spoon...

We were good friends, since child hood, how the hell did I forget about him, alienate him? What the ****!?

These were real friends, I knew them since child hood, we spent time together, accepted our differences...what happened. What the hell happened!?
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  • You never listen to me Doodo, do you? Never.
  • Falanca;459596 said:
    You never listen to me Doodo, do you? Never.
    I knew these people since my child hood, I repressed all of them some how. I don't understand. I'm so twisted...

    What have I done? I denied myself a life of friendships, happiness. Why? I'm my own worse enemy...

    Why, what do you say Falanca?:o

    This is a major realization, I'm struggling to take this all in. I'm remembering more than half of my life with friendships all the sudden and it's a war with in me. I'm so tired, confused of all of this...I don't know how to take this all in as the memories rush back in.
  • Well you see doodoo

    Friends are like potatoes
    If you eat them, they die.
  • Gman5852;459598 said:
    Well you see doodoo

    Friends are like potatoes
    If you eat them, they die.

    wait Iv been killing potatoes!?
  • Gman, I seriously forgot, I'm in some sort of shock. These were good friends, then they were gone, and now in my mind and heart, they are back...

    I'm so confused, all this thinking, all this weird web shit. And my friends accepted me for who I was, I was a regular person...I had friends. How did I get off the track so far?

    What the hell happened to me?
  • Gman5852;459598 said:
    Well you see doodoo

    Friends are like potatoes
    If you eat them, they die.
    I can not stand here and listen to the potato being slandered
  • Yeah, you guys are friends. But I was social, I was into sports, I hanged out. I did things...I was happily a individual, all these crazy shit I type is because I struggle to be that person.

    Can't you imagine the emotions, shock of this? I know it's not the worse thing to happen to some one but...

    These people were my friends, when no one else was there for us, we were there for each other. We were always good friends, we always cared, looked out for one another.

    Then BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! I couldn't take it, i and eventually I started repressing my world around me and I forgot even about the people who cared about me the most, my good friends since I was in pre school.

    That doesn't feel good.
  • Gman5852;459598 said:
    Well you see doodoo

    Friends are like potatoes
    If you eat them, they die.
    You cannot believe how funny that is to me. XD

    And as for you doodoo, I think you think too much.

    I used to be a bit like you, (I was really bad! I always used to think about things like the nature of our existence (I still kinda think that we are just an echo of something that previously existed, which is why a lot of things still can't be explained), and the concept of a relationship), but then I realised that sometimes in life you just need to stop thinking about things, (as ultimately it was pretty pointless, especially since I usually would lose track of what I was thinking), and just do something.

    What did I do when I arrived at uni and I was really nervous?
    I just went out, and explored the area. Once I had a general idea of where everything important was, I felt a bit better, (and I had a bit of fun looking in all the shops I found too! :D).

    What do I do if I get depressed?
    Watch a comedy film/series. One that I'm familiar with tends to work better, (brings back good memories).
    If it really gets bad, I normally read my favourite book, which oddly enough is "The World of Karl Pilkington". It ALWAYS makes me laugh! XD

    If you still feel depressed over an extended period of time, talk to someone about it. Someone you love, or trust, like a family member, (or a teacher! XD).

    Maybe take up a hobby, (especially a skill based one that requires lots of practice), or try to learn new stuff, get more information. It might just help.

    EDIT: In fact, uni was so bad for me, I really did almost fall back into a slump.
    When I started I had no friends, annoying people living near me who irritated me and stole my food, and i was in such an unfamiliar place, and I missed my family. And when I say slump, I really mean it. Last time I was that bad, I slowly started to become desensitised to everything. It hurt my grade, and generally weirded people out. I avoided it this time, by almost literally throwing myself at everything (which is no easy task, since I am quite shy due to years of bullying). I talked to people, I explored, I went out and did stuff (not partying though, as I just hate the music, and I'm no fan of getting drunk constantly), and prepared, and I made a few friends, (though they are not quite compatible with me).
  • So, wait I'm confused...what exactly has set all this off? Like, why do you feel you might've started alienating your friends? I'm not really following... :S
  • alot of people I thought were my friends talked shit about me to others after I came out to NZ, and for what? We had left on good terms and I hadn't done anything wrong to them.

    One mate I called he told me to never call again that blew my f****** mind.

    I had been messaging one close mate for a long time with no reply on facebook yet i see he was talking to other people on there regularly. Then out of the blue he calls me the other day from UK asking if i was ok due to the earthquake. WTF???

    To be honest Doodo, most 'friends' turn out to be assholes.

    I only have a few friends I would call 'real friends'.
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