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Cut content found?

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so I spent half an hour writing stuff down and my net lagged out so your getting the short version

I downloaded something called "telltale speech extractor" and it has dialog for all of the first episode( voices of course) and I noticed alot of dialog was cut, or never used

here in short are some I heard mainly between doc and marty

- in one seen, marty finds a bullet in the car from the time display, idk if this was in the game, but to my knowledge it wasn't, it happens before marty traveling to 1931, and doc doesn't say much but " a bullet?"

- they have changed the way the time machine came back to marty, mainly one explaining it was the car from 1955, behind the billboard, before marty and doc got to it in the first movie. the 2nd one is that Doc toke it from the cave in 1885. both of these events doc says that if they return it back to its timeline it should be fine. one final explanation was involving doc remaking the same car

-what marty saw the car destroyed by the train, doc explanation :

That's just what you THINK you saw. The DeLorean that got run over by that train was actually a crude facsimile filled with used pinball parts and Christmas tree lights!

there more, but I am lazy to post them, I would post the link, but idk if its against the TOS, but ya, alot of the voiceovers were left in as raw data, but I still don't know why they left it in

any ideas, thoughts?
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  • I'm actually kinda glad that they didn't use that train line, especially since it would've negated the ending to BTTF III.
  • A few un-used lines that are also on there, I've noted the filenames for those who want to hear for themselves:

    Marty: Stadtler Desoto
    Obviously the car dealership in 1931. There's also lines that suggest that there was someone trying to sell Marty a car.

    Raw recording of AJ reading a newspaper article and making mistakes. Several re-takes and do-overs of the same lines.

    Marty : The Telltale Monastary

    There's a few lines which suggest that there was a puzzle involving Marty creating marmalade peanuts to use on Kid.

    A censored line from Doc "You're gonna see some serious stuff"

    A very strange introduction which doesn't sound like it was intended to be used in the game "Hey guys, it's Marty McFly. It's great to be back in the year 2010 making a kick-ass game with you. Keep up the great work, and don't work too late. And go easy on the audio guys. If one of you're audio guys accidentally sets fire to the carpet, go easy on 'em."
  • Yeah, a lot of Telltale's games have some sort of hidden content in them....

    Two more examples:
    The City That Dares Not Sleep
    They Stole Max's Brain!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    That's in fact very interesting! As most of you know, there's a thread which discusses Doc's "DeLorean explanation" in great detail (and a lot of disappointment came from it). Also, from the very earliest TTG statements about the game, we had inferred that the explanation for the car's re-occurrence was carefully considered and is already there. Now we get to know: There are alternate lines for this, alternate explanations for this situation!

    The continuity in BTTF is so incredibly hard to maintain, and even if you somehow manage to do that, the logic known from the movies is so questionable that you'll end up with something moderately illogical anyway. I would have liked if every gamer would have gotten a different explanation for the DeLorean (so, Doc's answer would be determined by chance in every game). This would have stirred the community quite a bit. Maybe this was actually the plan, but dropped later in fear of possible fanboy p***off reactions (which are always carefully considered by dem boys and girls at TTG ;) ).
  • @ Vainamoinen

    Very interesting concept of the alternate paths for each player during gameplay. Would of caused a lot of discussion here.

    As for the explanation for the delorean, i like the alternate choices not used;

    Simple! I borrowed it from earlier in its own timeline, when it was hidden behind the billboard in 1955!

    Simple! I borrowed it from earlier in its own timeline, while it was hidden in the cave in 1885!

    Don't worry about it - as long as we restore it to its original condition and put it back in place for our past selves to find it when we're supposed to... everything will be fine!

    This way, the player would have to wrap his mind around, how and when during the movies the delorean was there and was not there.
  • There some serious "stuff" in those files, Telltale really cut allot of "stuff" from the game.

    Edit: It seems there obsessed with... marmalade?
  • 226676759.vox
    A censored line from Doc "You're gonna see some serious stuff"
    Thank you Telltale for not using this line, censoring is sucky.
  • Has anyone else been unable to open "Get Tannen" in the speech extractor. If I choose Get Tannen from the drop down it says folder not found.
  • Episode 2 opened up fine for me. I haven't had a chance to really look through it, but it does seem that there are significantly less lines with no description or alternate filenames. I think the program assumes you've installed the game under c:\Program Files

    I'm glad they didn't use any of those DeLorean explanations.
    1955 from behind the billboard(Part1): The DeLorean had no Mr Fusion or hover conversion, and constantly filling up with plutonium throughout the game would be a pain.

    1955 from behind the billboard (Part2): Okay, this could have been possible, however you still have to consider that at that point the time circuits were glitchy and it would be difficult for Doc to try and return it in it's original glitchy condition.

    1885-1955 in the mine: The DeLorean was damaged and not working. It would be ridiculous for Doc to repair it, use it, then return it in it's original damaged/non-working condition.
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