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I have friends, but I've forgotten about them for over 5 years

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I can hardly believe it, I was in complete denial. I have friends...I haven't spoke to them, talked to them in over 5 years. When my psyche took its final blows I completely forgot about all my friends. I found one and he accepted my Facebook add...

There's a few more that are likely to be lost forever.

I'm such a horrible person, I forgot about all my friends and never made any new friends. What's wrong with me? I feel terrible...

I have could I treat them this way?

I don't know how to start over with them.

I had a almost normal life before the last heavy blows to my psyche. OMG, what have I done...

I said we should hang out some time, but all I'm getting is the cat and cradle, and the silver spoon...

We were good friends, since child hood, how the hell did I forget about him, alienate him? What the ****!?

These were real friends, I knew them since child hood, we spent time together, accepted our differences...what happened. What the hell happened!?
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  • My father passed away, a lot of my friends were there to help me mourn, and two of them..two of them were the ones that stayed over, and let me cry on their shoulders. Well it's hard to trust people, but I have very few friends that I can talk to. You just have to let the right ones in.
  • Friends, shmriends! Life is like that. Some friends you loose, some friends you keep. Plus, with age everyone becomes more picky. It's science.
  • So this guy actually is NOT a troll?
  • Thanks everyone. I'm remembering a lot all the sudden. I'm going to see if he's interested in spending some time together. I almost forget how to...but I think I'm starting to remember.

    Ruby, I don't think that's worth going into right now.
  • doodo!;459597 said:
    I knew these people since my child hood, I repressed all of them some how. I don't understand. I'm so twisted...

    What have I done? I denied myself a life of friendships, happiness. Why? I'm my own worse enemy...

    Why, what do you say Falanca?:o

    This is a major realization, I'm struggling to take this all in. I'm remembering more than half of my life with friendships all the sudden and it's a war with in me. I'm so tired, confused of all of this...I don't know how to take this all in as the memories rush back in.
    I won't be able to change your view in this post. I won't be able to make it different for you or anyone else. And I really like the way you're always questioning yourself. But there is something I don't like, I despise, I really really hate. It's just my opinion, I'm not against you or anything; you're an intelligent person, and I'm sure you'll understand it. At least know that I'm trying.

    You're a sad person. You're not satisfied, or just feel the absence of something. And that's the real problem; you don't know why you're sad. You always go back and forth with different questions and their different answers, you get stuck in coming up with a consistent reasoning and ask other people you vaguely know but trust anyway. When you partly resolve your current problem, you jump onto completely different questions and this goes and on, and on, and on. You investigate and observe, yes, but in the end, you don't have the thing you are seeking for. It is because, you constantly grasp a path and let it go, never choose a way to go. You end up with nothing. You're like constantly picking up starter Pokemons and placing them again over and over; never choosing one to advance in your journey.

    You don't know one thing; this technique of finding the right path of happiness is flawed. This is why things come bland to you; you have to choose a path. You want to be a healthy man? Go work on your muscles, starting from little and then slowly improving your workouts in a balanced schedule. You want new friends? Join clubs about your favorite things, go to meetings, be a social man. You want to be artsy? Start drawing stickmen. Just don't let things GO. Or else you'll be nothing, and you'll just think. Think and think unless you die, and let your intelligence go waste.

    No matter what you do, some will love you and some will hate you. Loving something wholeheartedly is the equavalent of hating something that antagonizes it. You may choose a path that I may end up hating you, but it's okay, our hatred towards each other will give both of us a reason, a meaning to live. Don't fear to be stricted by a lifestyle. You're born with the goal of having fun and nothing else, and when you die only that'll be your profit. Stop getting depressed on everything you let go, just choose only ONE of them, and then, forgetting everything else will be easier than said.

    Why am I saying all of these? You're always talking about something different, always confused about something else. There is this; don't know some things in life, it'll make what you know more valuable for you. What's important in your life? Your friends? What did your said FRIENDS do for you? Probably nothing important. You want it to be important? Go socialize with your friends. There. Now it's your first priority, having a fun time with your friends, and you live to achieve that. Or choose another thing, draw stuff, write stuff, let being creative be your first priority. Just choose something to improve yourself on already. It can be ANYTHING. Some people will still love you if you go become a porn star. I'll still respect you since you actually chose something to end your depression. Will I like or hate you? I'll hate you if you do that, but it's the rule of humanity, you gotta make people hate you as much as you make people love you.
  • this is what you do.... "hey (friend's name) You feel like going to see a movie?"

    go to movie reconnect with friend.
  • Irishmile;459628 said:
    this is what you do.... "hey (friend's name) You feel like going to see a movie?"

    go to movie reconnect with friend.
    I deeply apologize for doing this but, couldn't prevent myself...

  • Oh Mr.Sandler, the times we've had...:)

    ....OH Huh? have uh... posted... in the wrong...thread?
  • My mates did try to contact me, years ago, I blew them off. Don't know if they're interested anymore.

  • doodo!;459695 said:
    My mates did try to contact me, years ago, I blew them off. Don't know if they're interested anymore.

    If you remember my saying, happiness will come.

    Another advice, while doing a charity job for cancer, dont bring the best of the 80s soundtrack, no one wants to hear "another one bites the dust":D
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