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AGDI Unveils King's Quest III Redux!

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After 8 years the secret is out. Play it this February! I've put a huge percentage of the last decade of my life into this game's soundtrack and I hope you'll all enjoy it when it's ready!

King's Quest III Redux

Check the AGDI forums for more information on the project.
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  • RevolverBobcat;459572 said:
    I don't know what the thing with "The Father" is, all I know is that he's voiced by a former classmate of mine. :)
    I am curious.Are most of the voices from the Netherlands since all of the AGDI remakes seem to have VAs from overseas despite the game is made by ppl in the US.
  • I saw quite a few Dutch sounding names in the credits.
  • I think there's only 2 or 3 people on the team who actually reside in the States. Not including me.
  • Majus;459614 said:
    when I was a kid, and I was so scared of Manannan (kinda the experience I had in the tunnels in »LeChucks Revenge«).
    heh this is very true for me too
  • Well, I completed KQ3 redux and liked most of it. The added slave journal was nice, as was the extented village. The pirate ship was handeled nicely as well. The treasure island was okay, but expectionally great. Puzzles were a bit too easy there.

    the only thing I didn't particulary like was the ending with magic pinball and added perilious journey to the castle. That was a huge meh.
  • Has the story in this version changed somewhat compared to IA's version?
  • The main plot is the same, there are embellishments made and characters fleshed out a little....some puzzles now have alternate solutions and there are also brand new areas and side stories that weren't in the original. Other than that, it's basically the same story.
  • RevolverBobcat;459736 said:
    I saw quite a few Dutch sounding names in the credits.
    I think only Stijn is from the Netherlands, although I think there were a few beta-testers from that area.

    There're a few members from the US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, I'm from South Africa and I believe there was 1 from England. The beta-testers were spread a bit more widely.
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