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The “Telltale Deck ‘o Cards” Project

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A small group of fanartists on the Sam and Max forum recently made a really awesome fanart calendar. But Telltale is so much more, and the forum members are also really diverse and talented. So why don’t we undertake something a bit bigger- like a full 54 card (A-K and two Jokers) deck of cards?

This is not intended for sale- just a fun fanart project for everyone to do!

So that we have some degree of order, here are…


1. All cards are to be 750 pixels wide by 1050 tall. Essentially, a standard poker sized 2 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch card at 300 dpi. Please upload your finished card to an image-hosting site like Imageshack, and give us all a link.

Since there has been a little confusion- 72 dpi is what home printers and the internet use (and it's the default for Photoshop), but good commercial printers use 300 dpi- and that's usually the standard used by scanners and digital cameras, too. I picked the resolution I did so that regardless of whether you use inches or centimeters, and regardless of your grahic program's settings, we'll have uniformly sized cards.

2. One character, one card. So that we don’t end up with a deck half full of Nelson Tethers, once a character is claimed it’s out of the pool of options. However, characters that have more than one distinct model (human versus demon LeChuck come to mind, or Sam versus a doggleganger), may be treated as spearate characters.

3. Choosing a card: When choosing a card, name the card you’re doing and the character. If you’re doing a joker, pleae mention whether you want the red or black one. First posted, first served.

4. You have three weeks to finish once approved. If you’re not done, tell us that you’re still alive or something. If we haven’t heard from you, the card and character you picked go back into the pool for someone else to choose if they want.

5. Your card must contain the suit and number somewhere on its face. Where, or how large, is entirely up to you. Jokers can say “Joker” or have some other kind of indication without words, but must specify the color somewhere.

6. Other than the size of the card, and that it contains its number and suit, your card can look however you please so long as YOU MADE THE ART ON THE CARD. But don’t limit yourself to just drawing- a photograph of cosplay, a diorama, sculpture- anything goes! Be creative!

7. If you're done with your card and you'd like to make another, feel free..

LASTLY, 8. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. This is a collaborative project for fun. If you want to participate, pleae do! Be creative, enjoy it, and if you follow rules 1-6, you’re set. There are no prizes, there are no awards. This is just a chance to make something really cool with your fellow forumites.

Below are the claimed cards and characters; this will be updated as things are taken (numbers with links have been completed).

2 (dustindemon, Sexy Peepers)
3 (The Gentleman, Nelson Tethers)
4 (yoshiwam, Marquis de Singe)
5 (Jennifer, Theodore Dudebrough)
6 (Spadge, Satan)
7 (divisionten, Anemone)
8 (divisionten, Hidden People)
9 (yoshiwam, Sister Agnes)
10 (Light, Trixie Trotter)
J (Silly Stell, Noir Sam)
Q (Falanca, Morgan LeFlay)
K (Spinky, Senor Cardgage)
A (lombre, Charlie Ho-Tep)

2 (Jennifer, The Great Red Dragon)
3 (Klatuu, Murray)
4 (Jennifer, Steve)
5 (prizna, Randal Scruffman)
8 (Weeberjake, Einstein)
9 (Jennifer, Gentleman Claptrap)
10 (Jennifer, Tycho)
J (Jennifer, Tyrion Lannister)
Q (light-rises, Dr. Momma Bosco)
K (SunnyGuy, Sameth)
A (Jennifer, Perducci)

2 (Vainamoinen, Baby Amelia Earhart)
3 (Jennifer, Gil Grissom)
4 (GuruGuru214, the COPS)
5 (Spadge, Flycatcher)
6 (Jennifer, Lennie Briscoe)
7 (lombre, Larry Palaroncini)
8 (Jennifer, Hector)
10 (Jennifer, Gromit)
J (Spinky, Raptor)
Q (SecretFawful, Elaine Marley-Threepwood)
A (The Highway, Treasure Crab)

2 (Secret Fawful, Rick Grimes)
3 (TyrannusMaximus, Narrator)
8 (Falanca, Young Emmett)
9 (Lehfeels, Alex)
J (Jennifer, Sal)
Q (Vainamoinen, Sybil Lincoln-Pandemik)
A (Klatuu, GLaDOS)

Red (rubygloommel, Max)
Black (Hayley the Hedgie, Sam)

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  • Well, I thought that perhaps those who would like to design a back for the cards could, and then put it to a vote?
  • adventureaddict;460396 said:
    Well, I thought that perhaps those who would like to design a back for the cards could, and then put it to a vote?
    Ehh... I know it'll be hard, but I say a collab would be awesome.
  • I could do a card for Marty (Ace of Clubs) and/or Trixie (10 of Hearts). Does this work?
  • COWER IN FEAR, Unfortunate Mortal! For today, Fortune hath spit upon thee, and Fate hath given you the finger! Cursed you shall be above all the livestock for today Life has dealt you a hand worse than Death! You have drawn the DEATHCARD! MURRAY: THE THREE OF SPADES!



    Edit: Rats, I need to redo the size anyway.

    Edit edit: Done and done. Full version available at deviantart:
    So, TREMBLE IN FEAR, pitiful human, for Murray is reborn! I shall-oh, you know the rest.
  • Avistew;459567 said:
    If after we're done with the decks people have more ideas, may I suggest doing a 78 deck? (Add cavaliers (between Jack and Queen), the excuse and 21 trumps).
    I'd forgotten about the modern European tarot decks. Since they're basically expansions of the modern sets with the same suits and all, that would certainly make more sense than a formal tarot deck. I must admit, I've never seen a modern-suited 78-card deck.
  • I did a quick draft for the Tixie card.

    Is this alright? I know it's not the right size, I was just experimenting.
  • Yes, my good man. It is alright. More than alright.

    Saluted wholeheartedly.
  • Falanca;460397 said:
    Ehh... I know it'll be hard, but I say a collab would be awesome.
    I'd like to chime in and say that a collab for the back of the cards would be amazing!
  • Falanca;460394 said:
    It's what comes to everyone's mind first, but dunno, I think that's just... too easy.
    I think there is something to be said about simplicity. If you look at the back of cards, they're made to be simple and not take your attention, because the focus is the front of the cards. The back is a placeholder. You don't want it to be noisy or crowded.
    Brainiac;460460 said:
    I must admit, I've never seen a modern-suited 78-card deck.
    I used to play tarot almost every day in high school during the break. I was in my 20s before I heard of the other kind of tarot, the one with the other suites. Then I researched it, incidentally.
    What it is is simply that hearts, clubs and so on were the suites used in French (for any card game). The English used swords, cups, etc.
    Then the English for some reason took the French suites for the 54 deck but kept their other suites for tarot decks. The French just kept the same suites for everything, as it had always been.

    So for people of English descent (or English speakers in general, nowadays), there are two kinds of suites, the ones for "normal" decks and the ones for tarot. But in France, and I assume a bunch of other places, it's just the same.

    I wonder if there are places that use different suites. The "French" ones has become pretty standard, it seems to me.
  • Klatuu;460457 said:
    I really like how you've made his eye sockets and nose look like the spades symbol! That's clever.
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