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Beyond Good & Evil HD

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Alright, so the HD version of the classic 'Beyond Good & Evil' will be hitting the PlayStation Network as well as the Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow (March 2).

Screenshots were released a couple of months ago. The achievements guide was recently posted. And a trailer has been released, entitled "Traitor".

So, who's excited about this release, and who's thinking about buying it?
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  • Joop;460420 said:
    I hope they won't change too much of the gameplay for the sequel.
    There were rumors that the gameplay would be changed to "appeal to a broader audience."
    Wouldn't want Ubisoft to pull a Telltale on us. ;)
    Well, on this topic, the producer - Wang Xu - said: "It's like re-mastering a movie classic. You don't want to mess with the original; people love it as it is, and it is so special..." (source). So I guess there's no real concerns here ;).

    And judging from the 10-minute gameplay preview (which I just saw), he meant that statement.
  • I don't believe they'll change the gameplay for the HD version, that'd be way to expansive for a re-release.
    I'm concerned about the sequel.
  • Ah, the sequel - of course! Yes, you're right, that may be a minor concern. I mean, one of the best things about the original was the gameplay; it was near perfect. And, at times, it was actually intellectually stimulating. It had some puzzles (harder than those in 'BttF'), it had stealth, there was integral information that had to be discovered through conversation and dialogue: each of these gameplay elements actually required a degree of intelligence, thought and patience from the player. I'd hate to see this type of quality and depth leave the franchise in the second installment.
  • Oh man, why, oh why does my PS3 have to be broken?! I loved this game when it first came out (yes I was one of the decent people who actually supported it upon release).
  • I've been eagerly awaiting this. Never played it back when it was new, but have heard nothing but good things in the intervening years.
  • Well I have the original and it was a great game. I may pick this up though to replay it.
  • It does look like Pey'j is a little off model on the cover...
  • Joop;460451 said:
    It does look like Pey'j is a little off model on the cover...
    I think their trying to tie it in with the forthcoming sequel.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    "Beyond Good & Evil" is one of my absolute favourite games.

    I'm interested in HD's new music (upload, anyone?) and the promised additional content (whatever that is). Apart from that, the HD version looks pretty much exactly like my seven-year old PC version. This is of course Ubisoft's test to see if there might be a casual gamer audience for this franchise today and must be seen more as a re-release than an actual "HD version".

    Ubisoft is not an attractive company for PC gamers any more, with DLC not getting released for this platform and, most of all, an abomination of a copy protection system that absolutely MUST affect their sales for the sake of the future of PC gaming. Unfortunately, if it DOES affect their sales, they might think that they should ban the PC releases altogether.

    The new cover is... hmmmmOK, I guess. All right, Jade doesn't look like Jade, Pey'J looks like his redesign from the early "BG&E2" teaser (that was 2008...). Also, I am really convinced that Jade's left arm is broken. Mr. artist, you will have to take another look at how radius and ulna work, because this thing is sub-par for a professional. ;)

    The "traitor" trailer was a massive letdown. The most important aspect of the game is not even mentioned. Jade does fight with weapons against "the government", if that is how you want to put it. But quite essentially, she's a journalist, a photographer. She is investigating, she is collecting photographic evidence. That is, in fact, the game, it's what makes the game special, and the trailer doesn't bother to give us that crucial information!

    Marketing fail: Yet again.

    She is raising and protecting orphan children in her lighthouse. She photographs animal species to earn money. Could they please tell us that??

    Apart from these VERY VALID points of criticism, I suggest every next-gen-console owner who missed this when it came out, please play it now. Do it before it's too late, really. You might be disappointed by the game's length (seven to ten hours is pretty much the maximum you'll get out of it), but you'll be stunned by its gameplay versatility, its bold design choices, and of course Jade's subtle facial expression. Even today, her character intensity is unsurpassed. She's a legend, pretty much.

    There is a reason why, besides only very few games like Monkey Island and Sam & Max, you'll even find fan art of her in my DeviantArt gallery.
  • I remember loving photographing the animals :)
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