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Unused Material from the original King's Quests (and other Sierra games)!

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Hello all,

I plugged this site in another subforum, but with the recent announcement from Telltale that resulted in the addition of this nice new subforum, I figured that I'd advertise it again here.

Occasionally, I like to poke into the resource files of old adventure games to see if I can uncover anything interesting. Sometimes I find sprites, backgrounds and dialogue that never appear in the final product (sort of like deleted scenes on a DVD). I found so many interesting items in the files of Sierra On-Line's games that I decided to put together a small site to showcase them. Here's a trio of teaser backgrounds I found in King's Quest V, VI and VII:

Wow, the quality of King's Quest V's backgrounds sure improved a lot since this scene was made.

I don't remember this part of the Realm of the Dead...

...And I don't remember this part of Vulcanix either!

Here's a link to the page covering King's Quest V and VI[/URL] (along with several other Sierra games), and here are the first and second of King's Quest VII. I also have a page for "Inside the Chest" and "Behind the Developers' Shield", two programs that came with the first and second KQ Collections (but not the 2006 collections -- Thanks, Vivendi Universal). There's a lot of behind-the-scenes art shown in those programs, but there's even more of it hidden in the resource files. And it doesn't really need to be said at this point, but SPOILER ALERT!!! (And enjoy!)

(By the way, this whole site originally started out as a couple of pages full of stuff I'd found just in the resource files of King's Quest VII -- that game is bursting at the seams with unused material...including this. I don't know what the heck the story behind this picture is -- it looks like it's straight out of Space Quest 6!)
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  • I do love your Sierra Resources site, Akril. It's so informative!

    I think the mystery woman with the neck ruff from the KQ6 character portrait sketches in Inside the Chest/Behind the Developer's Shield has to be Valanice. Her hairstyle is the same.

    Plus, she's dressed in an Elizabethan gown with a neck ruff. Likewise, KQ6 Alexander wears a variant on a Tudor-era men's doublet: green with slashes of yellow fabric. Besides Daventry, no "culture" in KQ6 has clothing resembling Elizabethan England, although each has its own distinctive Earthly counterpart.

    (To break it down: the Isle of Wonder is based largely on the story of Alice in Wonderland, the Isle of the Sacred Mountain is modeled on Ancient Greece/Rome, the Isle of the Mists is Druidic pre-Roman Britain, the Isle of the Beast is Baroque Louis XIV France, and the Isle of the Crown is Moorish/Arabian in style. Beast's Isle being 17th century French in culture is particularly fitting, since that's when Frenchman Charles Perrault was collecting fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast.)

    I'll also direct you to this thread on another forum, in which I analyze the original appearance of the Winged Ones in these early portrait sketches.
  • Thanks, ATMachine!

    I actually saw your thread about the Winged Ones on the AGDI forums a while ago and I've been meaning to reply to it for a while. I never thought of those portraits of Azure and Aeriel depicting them as living statues. That would certainly have been a different experience if they had remained that way in the final draft of King's Quest VI.

    I also think you might be right about that woman being Valanice. It's kind of interesting, since she resembles Valanice as she appears in King's Quest VII (the neck ruff, the hair style, barely visible earrings) a lot more than Valanice as she appears in most of the previous KQ games (hair in a bun, large hoop earrings, no ruff).
  • Me too. I especially enjoyed listening to the conversation between Attis and Rosella. I always wondered why this wasn't included in the actual game. Also, the kangaroo rat's rhymes for the items that couldn't be traded were funny.

    Akril15, I like the video you uploaded on YouTube of the storyboard for "Land Beyond Dreams" from KQ7.

    I also like the trailer for your KQ9 game.

    I skimmed through your fanfic to see the animations and pictures. I like them a lot.

    By the way, have you been to this channel on YouTube?
    It's the entire soundtrack for KQ7, and what's neat about it is that it contains several unused and alternate tracks.

    MusicOfDaventry explains how he got the music: "I used a program called SCI Resource Viewer/Sierra Extractor which finds specific audio files in the actual KQ7 Directory. The song titles are all from me or from other people who have made attempts at the soundtrack in the past."
  • Thank you very much, Phil! (Hmm, I wonder if I should be paying you to advertise my stuff like this... :) )

    I actually didn't know about that YouTube channel. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Given how much other unused stuff is in KQ7, I'm not surprised that there were several unused music tracks as well.
  • This is an unused death animation from King's Quest V. And gosh, thanks for it! I died this way so many times, and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to see it each time.
    NOTE: This is not graphic, disgusting or violent. However, it is the most scary thing related to King's Quest that I have ever seen. (And King's Quest managed to startle me many times.)
  • I think the most scary thing to me in King's Quest is Alexander's self-induced "heart attack" in KQVI. It is quite visceral and very effective. :eek:
  • (Hmm, I wonder if I should be paying you to advertise my stuff like this... )
    I'd rather pay you just to see the storyboard intro you have for KQ7, and an actual KQ9 game based on your fanfic. Have you ever considered doing it with Flash? Your Flash animations are quite good.
  • Sarendor;460549 said:
    This is an unused death animation from King's Quest V. And gosh, thanks for it! I died this way so many times, and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to see it each time.
    Hmmm... I am replaying KQV right now, from, and that scene definitely *is* in the game.
  • Yeah I have not played 5 in a really long time... but I am pretty sure that I had seen that in my old old big box version of the game.
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