Sam and Max Concept Art?

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I don't know how long it's been like this, but the concept art viewers for the Sam and Max games on the website seem to be broken. I find this especially upsetting, not only because I love concept art, but also because I was going to make a 3DS Max model of Max (heh) for my 3D modeling and animation class. I was looking for reference material, and that thumbnail for the Episode 101 concept art gallery looks like it'd be VERY helpful. So unless someone feels like sharing the actual 3D model, (yeah, thought not) could someone show me where I could find this art? Or, even better, fix the galleries on the website?



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    I've got it all archived over on the season one page of Sam & The image you want is under the Culture Shock section and more concept art is on the other episode pages.
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    These will be very helpful. Thank you very much good sir. :)

    EDIT: Thanks as well for pointing me to the site. It's awesome. Also, I had no idea Purcell had a blog. :P
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