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Should the TTG King's Quest games have fanservice?

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Anyone thinks that TTG should add a lot of references to the previous KQ games? Personally, I want to see TTG handle the game w/o having too much fanservice. Fanservice is good, but there is a fine line in using just the right amount without making the entire game feels like it is trying too hard to fit with the other series. Typically, a lot of fangames and fan fiction suffers from this esp if the writer of such a fict loves a specific title. No offense to the TSL, but that game is littered with fan service.

Commercial games are not immune to this as licensed titles from TV shows also has this. For instance, games like the Simpsons and Family Guy usually have a lot of references to various episodes.

Furthermore, games that aren't licensed has this problem as well - One of the bad things, imo, about the MCL LSL game is that it focuses too much on fan service.
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  • Daventry;459002 said:
    I agree with you guys 100% that there's a fine line between having appropriate references vs. having way too many (e.g. excessive fan-service). But to be honest I'm more concerned about Telltale providing too little than too much (I'm not sure what to make of the term "reboot" or of some of the team's distaste for classic Sierra). I hope that there are at least some references to the previous games, be it in the form of recurring characters, the art, or even the music. Having none (e.g. creating an all-new fantasy game while using the KQ and Daventry name just to capitalize on profits) would be disrespectful to the KQ legacy and its fans. (I don't think Telltale would actually do this, but no one can say for certain, right?)

    I think The Silver Lining is a prime example of how too many references can create a lose-lose situation. On one hand the excessive fan-service (the Green Isles, the recurring characters, etc., etc.), without-a-doubt alienates new players. But what's even more unfortunate is that all that fan-service doesn't equate to what I like to call the "King's Quest feeling." The game is far too serious and dramatic to be King's Quest. This is just an example, but Graham's intro monologue in the beginning of Episode III would never, ever happen in a real KQ game. Contrast this with King's Quest IV, which had very few references to the previous games (aside from the royal family), yet it still feels like KQ.

    At the end of the day, what's most important to me is that Telltale re-creates the King's Quest feeling. Having a bit of fan-service is just one part of the overall puzzle.
    You are right. KQ4 did feel like a KQ game despite not having a lot of references. The same goes with the original KQ3.

    I think the over-saturated references in TSL is a bad thing in some ways. For some players, the over use of references might lead to the player that the developers is trying to make the game be a lot like the original series without adding something new.

    Just that it never made any sense on why Rosella's wedding is held in the Land of the Green Isles. I can see her and Edward visiting the place as their honeymoon, but I think it is more appropriate to have the wedding at the Kingdom that Rosella is going to rule over especially since none of the citizens from that realm doesn't have regular access to the land.

    Perhaps the developers should have stuck with the original idea and have it as a birthday party instead.

    Quest for Glory had lots of references in part 5. However, I think Sierra did a good job adding a lot of references without overdoing it. Sure, some of it was over-the-top like the homeless guy from part 1 becoming a banker in part. Though, if I remember correctly, he told the hero that he is moving to Shamaria (spell?) after you give him money in part 1. Unlike TSL, the game did not heavily focused on references from one particular game. Furthermore, I think QFG was consistent in using past preferences whereas KQ hardly used any - the KQ games heavily relied on all new adventures in foreign new lands whereas QFG relied on a large consistent storyline.
  • I think Quest for Glory had more (and could support more) past references because you could import your own customized character between all the games, by having those references in 5 which was intended to be your character's retirement of sorts, it helped remind you of all you had accomplished in the previous games. Mass Effect 2 is similar in this regard (though I think it overdoes it a little bit) where you sometime run into characters that you encountered in 1, and how the encounter goes depends on how you handled the situation in 1. Helps create the feeling that your actions have had an impact beyond the immediate game/situation, and helps it feel like YOUR character. King's Quest, though, kept changing up the lead characters, and those characters were pre-created for you. Graham was the lead in the most games, but still. so in 4 it wasn't logical to have a ton of past references, since Rosella was the star, and not in Daventry for most of it besides. I mean, basically what I'm saying is that just because it worked well in one game doesn't mean it will work well in another. Though I would be fine with some nods to the past so long as it was something that wouldn't confuse someone new to the game, in which case it begins to feel self indulgent
  • I'll agree that it was a little goofy in QFG5 the sheer number of characters that showed up. In the previous games there were references to the earlier ones and some recurring characters, but not nearly as many as QFG5. Nice and convenient that everyone decided to converge on Silmaria for the final game in the series. It's a little goofy in Mass Effect 2 as well--I mean, I like having choices from 1 show up in 2, but at the same time... it's strange to have everyone I met in the first game just so happen to be on the handful of planets I visit in the sequel.

    Kings Quest was always good about this. Though you played as a member of the Royal Family of Daventry in each one, you didn't retread old ground. Wasn't KQ1 the only one that actually took place IN Daventry?
  • Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and thought it was referring to a completely different type of fanservice?
    I was a little baffled how that would fit in with King's Quest...
  • Only recurring characters I would actually like to see are the Royal Family of Daventry and Connor (ending of MoE was most unsatisfactory and I would like to see proper conclusion for him).

    I don't mind seeing few references to the past events of the series, but I hope that there will be new lands to explore and new characters to interact with.
  • Molokov;460863 said:
    Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and thought it was referring to a completely different type of fanservice?
    Yes. And now go and wash your dirty mind with soap.
  • As I understand, that is where the term originated...
  • from wiki:

    In Japanese manga and anime, Fan service (ファンサービス, fan sābisu?), fanservice, or service cut (サービスカット, sābisu katto?),[1][2] is material that is designed to amuse or excite the audience with especially derived content. Long full shots of robots in mecha shows, sexual elements, long fight scenes or violence, all can be considered fanservice as they are specifically aimed to please the fans of any given show
  • Molokov;460863 said:
    Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and thought it was referring to a completely different type of fanservice?
    der_ketzer;461206 said:
    Yes. And now go and wash your dirty mind with soap.

  • I appreciate a few nods like in KQ5 if you look at the witch the narrator comments it's third and ugliest witch he has encountered during his adventures.
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