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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • Dear LucasArts,

    Star Wars is cool and all, but, seriously, give Telltale the license to create a new Monkey Island game (or create one yourself). There are certainly a lot of fans hungry for another adventure featuring our favorite inept hero. If I'm not mistaken, Tales of Monkey Island was Telltale's best-selling game, and the special editions have certainly shown that this isn't a money-wasting endeavor. It's clear that there is no lack of brand loyalty when it comes to the Monkey Island franchise.

    On a more personal note, Curse of Monkey Island is one of my favorite video games of all time. I can't bear the thought of this series dying off so...uncerimoniously. So, please, do what the fans what is right. Give us a new Monkey Island game.

    Nicholas Caluda
  • Dear LucasArts,

    Have you seen bear? Big, hairless bear? In Russia, bears not so big. And less hair.

    AKA Hunter of bears
  • Ok, I posted the topic/thread on the worldofmi forums.

    Who can post this somewhere else, please? We should extend this to other forums.
    I postponed the letter gathering, we seem to bring people to this. I've read your letters, all of them are very nice. Well, except one or two who are a bit cheeky :p Nevertheless, we'll edit everything together.

    Can we, please, have a list of sites/forums where this thread will be published? Thank you!
  • i don't think that its Lucas arts fault that telltale is not making another monkey island. i think that telltale just wants to make big series now and aren't interested in underground games like SAM and max and monkey island anymore
  • Wasn't it supposed to be put up on the adventure gamers community? Someone who's a member? Cause I've never been on that site before.
    Hmm. I don't know so many appropiate sites for this... :/

    And also, I saw someone who wrote "we want Tales of Monkey Island Season 2!!!! :)" as a wall post on the Monkey Island adventure log on facebook. That means that there actually are even more people out there who wants this. But i don't know if it is so smart to write about this there. It's the official LucasArts facebook page for Monkey Island, so I guess that would be pretty weird...
  • Butt - Bring up this thread!
  • doodo!;462623 said:
    bumpity bump!
  • monkeyhead234;462441 said:
    i don't think that its Lucas arts fault that telltale is not making another monkey island. i think that telltale just wants to make big series now and aren't interested in underground games like SAM and max and monkey island anymore
    I strongly disagree... I think that for the most part the people working at TTG are just as big of fans of those characters that we all are... I think the licenses they are choosing to make fit in well with their current library of games. I still have high hopes for another season of ToMI and I would be extremely surprised if they never made another S&M game again.

    I would love for a new ToMI right away... but there are benefits to waiting.. Every game TTG makes they seem to learn some new tricks.
  • Dear Mr. Meegan,

    LucasArts is a company that I have respected greatly in the past and still respect today. I own many of the games developed by LucasArts, and have gotten a significant amount of pleasure out of each one. However, the games that have brought me the most enjoyment and pleasure as a gamer have been the 'Monkey Island' games. Now, the 'Monkey Island' series is something that I'm quite fanatical about - I love everything about it. It was in 2009 that LucasArts allowed the company Telltale Games to develop an episodic season of 'Monkey Island', and I'm here to discuss my desire for Telltale to be given the opportunity to work on a second season. But firstly, allow me to put you in my shoes.

    The 'Monkey Island' series was a part of my childhood, and is a series that I have continued to love even as I have grown up and matured, as it is a game that can appeal to intelligent people of all ages. I've always appreciated the writing, the storytelling, the atmosphere, the quality, and the great amount of depth within all four of the LucasArts-developed Monkey Island games. This is why I was disappointed when LucasArts decided to discontinue the development of any more 'Monkey Island' games (for some time, anyway). As you probably know, it was nearly a decade that passed without there being any news of a new 'Monkey Island' game. It was towards the latter part of this ten-year period that many of the series' fans lost hope; accepting and conceding the probability that their beloved adventure game series truly was no more. However, June 2009, the announcement came from Telltale Games that they had been allowed to develop a brand new, episodic Monkey Island game. Though skeptical and concerned as to how the game would turn out, I was still absolutely overjoyed at the news; I was going to be able to experience an all-new and original installment into the Monkey Island series! This was more than just a fan game; this was more than just a minor addition to the canon; this was an all-new Monkey Island game that I would be able to play, for the first time in almost a decade. My level of excitement was ridiculous, and my expectations were unreasonably high.

    However, I wasn't let down at all by Telltale. They well-and-truly did justice to the classic LucasArts adventure series by creating something that felt like 'Monkey Island', that looked like 'Monkey Island', that sounded like 'Monkey Island', that had the humour of 'Monkey Island' and something that had the charm of 'Monkey Island'; something that was the 'Monkey Island' that the fans had always known and loved. They did the best job that they possibly could have with the franchise; it pleased the fans, it got great reviews, and it sold well. I think it can be almost unanimously agreed that it was not a mistake for LucasArts to temporarily put the license in the hands of Telltale; it paid off in many areas. And every installment of the series was an improvement upon the last, pleasing fans more and more as the series progressed. And with the end of the series, us, as fans, naturally wanted more. It wasn't as though the content of 'Tales of Monkey Island' was insubstantial; it's just that it was so darned good! Also, the final episode left us with an open ending, which led the fans to believe that there was more to come in the near future. We patiently waited a year in hope that Telltale would perhaps announce a second season - this was not the case. The fans generally thought something along the lines of "perhaps Telltale don't want to rush into a second season too fast". However, many of us began to worry when it was reported that LucasArts would be halting "the majority of external development". We thought that this would probably be the end of any hope that us 'Monkey Island' fans would see another season of 'Tales of Monkey Island' from Telltale. It has now almost been two years now since the announcement of season 1, and there is no mention from either LucasArts or Telltale on a season 2 of 'Tales of Monkey Island'. Some of us are beginning to worry that we're going to experience something similar to the 2000-2009 era, when we saw a drought of 'Monkey Island' games; when we saw a series with so much potential and life left in it simply be abandoned because there was no market for adventure games at the time.

    Well, now there is a market for adventure games; some may even say that we're entering a second 'golden era' for adventure games. As online distribution has become more pervasive, smaller developers have taken to creating adventure games of their own without risk of failing financially, and they're now able to make their voices heard and get they're games noticed by making their creations available on popular devices such as the iPhone. These technological advancements have allowed adventure games to once again step out into the limelight and be embraced in mainstream gaming culture; it's sparked a new interest in this great genre. This is why season one of 'Tales of Monkey Island' was such a great move; it was released just as this resurgence had begun to take place. And this rise in adventure game popularity has not fallen, with 'Back to the Future: The Game' already being the most successful game in Telltale's history, with Double Fine achieving success with the puzzle-orientated 'Stacking', and even independent company Amanita Design receiving relatively high sales with 'Machinarium'. Also, Telltale are constantly progressing, maturing and improving as a company, meaning that they can take the franchise to even greater levels. Now is the perfect time to lend the rights to 'Monkey Island' to Telltale once more. Capitalize upon the renewed interest in adventure games, have faith in the company who did wonderful things with the 'Monkey Island' franchise, and allow Telltale to once again develop a 'Monkey Island' game.

    Thank you for your time and attention,
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