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Fan Art Contest: Underdevelopment!

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Hi there! I got a lot of comments of suggestions on a Sam and Max fanart contest here:

I'd like to thank the people who gave out their ideas on this, and I'm really happy. Thank you!

Anyway, the contest:
The basic idea is a fan art contest. I'm thinking of hosting it on the TellTale-FC on Deviantart, as well as the Sam and Max FC on the same site. I'm still pending on a theme, honestly, and help would be welcomed on a good theme. I was thinking something in which the panel of judges will choose a selection of music, and the contestants draw their own interpretation of the music involving the characters. But ideas will be highly appreciated!

I also need a panel of judges. I will be one. All we need are three more. If you're interested in being a judge, send me a private message, either here on the forums or on Deviantart, in which my account can be found here.

I also heard talk about donations in the last thread post, and it would be great if you guys could donate some stuff. Honestly, I really don't have much to offer, other than a free drawing to one of the winners. If you want to donate something, again, send me a private message here or on Deviantart so we can get the donations under way.

That, is pretty much it. I really hope the best for what can come out of this!
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