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Team Fortress 2 - Max's Severed Head

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Dearest Telltale Games Staff,

I have recently started playing TF2 after a period away and when i came back realised that "Max's Severed Head" was an in game award that i had missed out on and can now not get!


I have been a long time telltale supported and purchaser of games and bundles etc and i would be forever grateful if you could use your ingenuity and connections to get this thing added to my TF2 profile.


Dave aka "the scout without a hat"

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  • First of all, Valve is in charge of TF2, not Telltale. If you really want to beg you should beg to them, but it'll get the same result.

    The three Sam and Max items were given out for pre-ordering The Devil's Playhouse. If you didn't do that, you don't get the items. Begging won't change that. You might still be able to get one through trading, but the thing about TF2 trading is that it leads to...some incredibly greedy people. By this point I'd say most of the existing Max's Severed Heads are being hoarded by people who hold onto as many rare items as they can get their hands on (and it's a safe bet these people don't care about Sam and Max either :( ). Can you get a Max hat from them? Probably, but you'd better be prepared to give up a fortune, either in TF2 items or real money.

    I know it sucks. I didn't buy The Devil's Playhouse until all the episodes came out, so I'm item-less while tons of people who have no idea who Max is are wearing his head. If it's any consolation, you can at least get the Lugermorph through Poker Night.
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    I had to beg, rob and steal to get my Max hat (Mostly steal), AND I AIN'T LETTIN' IT GO!

    Seriously, for about a month on the server I play on, my name was "mDt (GIMME DAT MAX)" or some variation of such. At one point I think it was "Will Sex For Max."

    As far as Sam & Max swag goes though for TF2, you CAN still get the Lugermorph as well as a Freelance Police badge by playing Poker Night at the Inventory. The badge reads "License to Maim" - I love it.
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