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Feed Me Sam&Max Creepypasta

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Surprised i couldn't find any of this.
Sam&max has great inspirational parts.
Well, feed em to me :P
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  • I found this story and it's pretty creepy - although I suppose it's more fridge logic than creepypasta?


    The only thing I think you could make SaM creepypasta with is maybe some spin on Noir Sam :P Much creepy potential me thinks!
  • Bah.

    Now that I KNOW what creepypasta is, it's very easy to come up with something.

    In fact, I've been doing creepypasta for years. I have done things like this on the spot. You know, go to a random location and make up something creepy that prevents people from sleeping.

    Yeah all my friends hate me :(

    Anyway, coming soon.
  • crfh;462071 said:
    Anyway, coming soon.
    We'll put our brown pants on.
  • rubygloommel;462064 said:
    I found this story and it's pretty creepy - although I suppose it's more fridge logic than creepypasta?
    You want some Sam & Max fridge logic? Think about that time Papierwaite said "No earthly tools can remove dark matter. Believe me I tried." Think about that reeeeeeaaaaaal hard now...
  • Here's mine creepy pasta:
    A while ago, when Sam & Max were battling Hugh Bliss, Hug burned Sam & Max with his Lunar Lander, their bodies were burned and only their bodies's ashes were left, but after a few seconds they came back to life and their bodies were in perfect condition, since you really can't die in Sam & Max Season 1.
  • Disclaimer: Many of the facts exposed here are half-truths, rumours, or plain invention. Please don't sue me. However, I DID make a little investigation. The results were well... disturbing. Even without the fiction parts.

    One of the great mysteries of the 21st century (Mike Stemmle dixit) is the cancellation of Freelance Police, the well-awaited sequel to Hit The Road. Was it a decision originated in the marketing department, or there was something odd behind it?

    It's quite notable that in this age and era of instant delivery and anonimity, extremely few material of the cancelled and officially almost-complete Freelance Police has been leaked or stolen. There are a few screenshots, a few art concepts, and exactly FOUR VERY secret videos... actual looks into the game. Why is this?

    Why is that no one who was involved in this game wants to talk about it? Why is that every question is dodged and/or unanswered? The initial speculation is that there's some legal binding that prevents this from happening. The thing is, I don't expect Telltale games or Steve Purcell to talk about this... but NO ONE has ever said anything. No one who has ever left LA. Not even anonymously.

    Why the silence?

    First, a fact. It's not a secret that LucasArts has problems keeping their programmers staff since many years ago.

    Now, it could be the sheer pressure put on the programmers due to the high innovation in the games, or, it could be something else. Some might even go as far as saying it's some sort of curse. LucasArts is also known for firing programmers in masse from time to time, so it could be half-and-half.

    Now here's where the rumor mill gets wildly speculative.

    Anyway, it's been said that at some point during the development of Full Throttle: Payback one of these programmers couldn't take it anymore and offed himself (other versions said he was fired because of increasingly strange behaviour and in the rage of leaving he had a fatal accident in a motorcycle). The problem was said to be caused by an unnamed person who either fired the programmer or constantly berated and pressured him to work faster. Said person was not responsabilized for the death.

    From that point on, problems in the code started appearing mysteriously in the games. Things got worse and worse with time.

    By the time Full Throttle was well advanced, executives were really concerned, as testers of the game started experiencing odd things while playing parts of the game. Spontaneous nose bleeds, high-blood pressure, nausea, panic attacks, depression and insomnia. There were other things with the game that were odd at the creator level: it's been said that entire parts of the game had to be reworked as the finished versions were excessively gory and violent, things unexplainedly approved at the time of being proposed or supervised.

    The code was revised and while the source code was untouched, sometimes at machine level language things would spontaneously appear. They revised one part, moved on to the next, and soon enough the first would be infected again. A virus was suspected, hacking and vandalizing by a disgruntled employee was suspected. Turned out nothing.

    These years also saw an abnormal rotation of programmers in LA.

    "1. Staffing. As you can probably tell by now, staffing was easily the biggest problem the project encountered. Try as we did to manage staff retention, the team experienced an alarming amount of turnover, both in the programming and art departments.

    This invariably made life harder for the people left behind, because the amount of work remained constant, but team members could not be replenished as quickly as they were lost."

    This is from 2001.

    LA had no choice but to cancel Full Throttle: Payback. The problems came back again in 2002, when another attempt on Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels was starting. Many things went bad that time, so bad that in 2003 it was abruptly cancelled without any official explanation.

    So apparently Full Throttle was bad mojo. LA kept going on Freelance Police. Whatever rumour on it being cancelled was vigorously denied. Freelance Police was a go, and going strong, and marvellous if we're to believe whatever information the people involved have disclosured.

    Except that the problems started again. This time they were even worse. The game was 90% complete and entire sectors of it completed and untouched. When replayed the unexplained symptoms returned, along with more severe and strange side-effects.

    Hysterical blindness, fainting, dizziness and/or disorientation, slurred speech, catatonia, suicidal thoughts or repetitive, disturbing behaviour, laughing or crying fits, etcetera. Now the symptoms were affecting not only the game testers but also the programmers who were trying to fix the game.

    LA had no choice again but to cancel the game as it was unfixable and wasn't going to release it as it was. They hoped the weird stuff didn't move onto their Star Wars games. These turned out to be untouched and remained that way. So LA invented a fantastic tale about how according to some unnamed, new marketing staff, the entire european market for adventure games had
    suddenly disappeared. Everybody was puzzled by the sudden decision -or so they said. And no one will talk about it to this day.

    Now here's another piece of the rumor mill for you to ponder. Did Infinite Machine was affected by this as well? How did Telltale avoid the Adventure Game curse? Did it follow them there? Did they do something about it?

    Some might say they did. Some sort of improptu exorcism.

    Let's take a look at CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder (2006)

    "Case 2: First Person Shooter

    You are working with Nick Stokes to uncover the truth behind what occurred at a video game expo gone wrong. The CEO of a video game company on the verge of a high-profile release is shot dead at the biggest gaming trade showof the year. Life imitating art, or something more sinister?

    This case is a dramatic, humorous send-up of the cancellation and subsequent fan reaction surrounding Sam & Max Freelance Police, a game many Telltale employees had worked on pre-cancellation."

    Read more:

    Telltale moved on to Sam and Max Save the World. The rest is history.

    But the questions are still unanswered. Why are there no leaks on this? Who is the mysterious "ftanos", the guy who posted 4

    youtube videos of unseen "Freelance Police" clips, promised more, never to return?

    ftanos (3 years ago)
    the sam and max videos from the canceled lucas arts game, are gonna be moved soon to a new account . I am gonna
    say the name and the url of that account when its ready. the account is going to have updates with various stafff made by me or not. Sorry for anyconfusion i may cause.. thanks... sam and max rules!!!

    Said promise was never fulfilled. The guy has nothing else uploaded, never said anything. Elsewhere he said he found those videos on the internet, but I have looked and I have never found anything else. (Has anyone???) So how did he get those?

    (I won't even comment on the nature of his "favorite" youtube videos. o.O)

    Will we ever know? Or are we better this way, not knowing?
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    Shyguy;461681 said:
    The one creepy pasta I remember involved Metal Gear Two.
    God god that was terrifying.
    Ooh, this is off-topic, but I'm a MASSIVE Metal Gear fan and haven't heard any MG-related copypasta. Got a link?

    On topic - crfh, I like that a lot. Genuinely creepy in places. It helps that ftanos's clips are in themselves pretty disturbing, even ignoring his favourite videos - weird images that go nowhere, out-of-context uncanny-valley actions, the freaky-looking LucasArts Max model...
  • Speaking of the cancellation of Freelance Police, I heard that 100 people tried to buy the programming code to that game off of Telltale.

    They took a subway to LucasArts' main offices, and sadly, the subway all 100 of them happened to be in crashed in an accident. None of those 100 people are among the survivors...

    Okay, seriously, crfh's story was tough to top.
  • queen_of_the_lobsters;462099 said:
    You want some Sam & Max fridge logic? Think about that time Papierwaite said "No earthly tools can remove dark matter. Believe me I tried." Think about that reeeeeeaaaaaal hard now...
    Pff, you think I haven't?
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    I wonder if what happened with Freelance Police has anything to do with the Nutri-Specs.
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