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Toonstruck 2 exciting news!

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As you probably remember, Toonstruck was cut in two parts before the release, and part 2 has never been released. Well, now it probably will be!

Keith Arem, a member of Toonstruck team who now owns the rights to it, is considering the re-release of Toonstruck which would include Toonstruck 2, but he needs "tremendous fan support" to justify its release and raise the capital. There's a petition which has already reached the point of 3000 signatures.

A quote from Mr. Arem (you can read his letter here):

While the game was internationally critically acclaimed, the game did
not receive the sales we hoped, and the second half was never released.
Now that my career has developed, I would like to re-release an updated
version of Toonstruck to include the 2nd half of the game (iPad, online,
etc), but I would need tremendous fan support to justify its release. I
am looking for someone to help organize a fan petition to help us raise
the capital to finance the game, so if you know anyone who could help
with this, I would appreciate the assistance.
Another letter from Mr. Arem and a mini-interview with him.

Online Petition:

Official Facebook Group:

Twitter Page:

Livejournal community:
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  • Bit of info from Keith on Facebook

    Hey all -

    Just to add to Drew's post...We are not affiliated with PetitionSpot and are not asking or collecting any money from fans.

    Please keep up your support for Toonstruck, and thanks for your patience and keeping it alive. More news to come!
  • This hasn't been forgotten, the petition is still going and we could be getting some more news from Keith Arem about this within the next few weeks. Keep signing the petition and join the Facebook page and let others know cause Toonstruck 2/Directors Cut could be happening.
  • Some big news from Keith, posted this on the Facebook page

    'We're currently working on an enhanced re-release of TS1, but we may add some of the TS2 content if we can afford to do it. We'll likely re-build our fanbase, and then move onto TS2 next.

    More to come!'
  • Ooh yay! I really would love to play this again so I'm glad they are going to go ahead with something. Goodness knows what happened to my copy.
  • This is great news. Totally looking forward to it.
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