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Sam and Max in the UK?

posted by Sausy Gibbon on - last edited - Viewed by 236 users
A thought came through my head when I was reading the 'Sam and Max in Japan' thread. What if a game, TV series etc of Sam and Max was made in Britain? Sort of like a reverse 'The Office' type thing. What do other people think?
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  • If there was, then I think Sam and Max would probably be voiced by British voice actors.

    Right now, I'm thinking LittleKuriboh and ShadyVox! They're British, right?
  • I can also do a pretty good British accent, wot?
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    I found myself thinking about this while I was playing Hit The Road, since I'm British and the basic concept of that is so so very American. My eventual conclusions:

    - The world map would be so small all the location icons would stack on top of each other.
    - Instead of cute little small-business service stations with one small room and a toilet you have to use a key to get into, enjoy visiting evil consumerist hangars filled with screaming children, overpriced fast food from various multinational megaconglomerates, toilets with queues, and attendants visibly trying to kill themselves with their own coffee machines.
    - The various tourist traps would be much the same, but with significantly fewer giant fibreglass objects. In terms of real life attractions you could make comedic exaggerations of that would result in decent puzzles, I'm thinking of attractions like The Cumberland Pencil Museum, The Forbidden Corner, and Mother Shipton's Petrifying Well (add some kind of Doctor Who Museum-based time-travelling mechanic to that one for INSTANT BRILLIANCE).
    - I don't think you could have Sam and Max as British without massively changing their characters. The whole basic concept of them is so rooted in stereotypical ideas of American freedom and what American TV cops are like that British Sam and Max would - well, for a start, they'd be a lot less violent, and that would obviously be much less fun. You probably could make a couple of very, very funny culturally-British dog-and-rabbit coppers, but since the main British traits are 1) reservedness, 2) reflexive xenophobia and 3) self-loathing, and since British cops are 4) all-consuming black holes of boring compared to their American brothers and sisters, they wouldn't be Sam and Max as we understand them. So it would be both better and funnier to keep them as Americans. Their sense of humour itself translates flawlessly, anyway.
  • Fly:That was sort of like what I thought about transfering the characters to a different situation. But I still think there are aspects to their personalities that are universal. I could imagine them as Baker Street style 19th century detectives with some of their personalities tweeked slightly.
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