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Opinions of KQ8: Mask of Eternity?

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Personally, I actually really liked that game. Yes it had a bit too much violence, but then again violence was an option in the early KQ games. While KQ5 is my favorite KQ, I wouldn't have minded KQ going in that epic, Arthurian direction. KQ8's story and symbolism is much deeper than any of the previous games, and Connor isn't that bad of a character in retrospect. I personally find it a true KQ game and criminally underrated.
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  • I liked this one quite a bit as well, though it just didn't seem to fit into the series that well for me. I felt that the adventure elements of exploring and talking and solving puzzles got a bit lost in all the action. It just didn't feel as connected to the other 7 as I would have liked, but it's still an excellent game.
  • Where's the "It's alright, but suffered from bad controls and terrible loading. Also, certainly not a KQ Game." option?

    You don't really have a middle of the road option here. I thought the game was alright, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a good game. I didn't hate it, or even not like it, though.
  • Ah yes I have to agree on the load times, the whole installing and uninstalling of the different areas really was ridiculous. I remember the first time I played it on my older computer that was like a 10-15 minute process every time. The GOG version is much faster as it's all local.
  • Its one of my favorite KQ games, and I accept as a KQ game.

    But, the biggest problem was the game was so damned buggy. The game crashes easily, and when it does, it dumps all the loaded content. So when you reload your save, it has to load all the level content again.

    When it works, the levels are preloaded, so it loads fairly quickly. But since its so easy to crash the game, you have to suffer the load times too often.

    If someone could patch it to fix those problems, it would be alot more approachable.
  • I never played, but it does look like a fun game in its own right. I should track it down and give it a try.
  • I liked it quite a bit. At the time, it was one of the best looking games out there. The dynamic lighting in particular made it look quite pretty for an early Voodoo-fueled game. I certainly got lost in the game world, in a good way, and thoroughly enjoyed the game. I recognize how different it is than the others, but it definitely stood on its own merits for me. I both like it and accept it as a KQ game, though admittedly it doesn't quite hold the special place in my heart that the graphic adventures do.

    However, I definitely think it could have been better. Even if no elements of the gameplay itself changed, the loading issues were atrocious. That was a major design flaw that never should have made it out the door.
  • I never played, but it does look like a fun game in its own right. I should track it down and give it a try. is the best bet.
  • Valiento;463506 said: is the best bet.
    Yeah I got a copy from there and after adjusting the graphics mode it works perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit.
  • I like it and consider it an official KQ game. It obviously could have been better, seeing as Roberta didn't get her full vision realised, but it's a decent game. I like it. I still have to play it all the way through, actually.
  • I'll just copy paste what I said in your another MoE thread:
    Olaus Petrus;461947 said:
    While I agree that it would have been better game if it was pure old school adventure, I would rather see new adventures of Connor than remake of MoE. MoE is enjoyable game even with it's flaws. Personally I think that MoE had three big flaws:

    1. Lack of puzzles, although couple of puzzles which were included were good ones and took some thinking before I solved them. Game would have been more enjoyable with more puzzles.

    2. Fighting. I don't oppose it per se, but if you include fighting you should make it challenging. In MoE even the "boss monsters" are ridiculously easy to kill.

    3. Lands have too much empty space and running around becomes quite tedious soon. Some of the lands were interesting and I would have wished to see more interaction in there, rather than just killing the monsters and trying to find few items which allow you to pass into the next land.
    PS: Out of curiosity I must ask, why you create several threads which have very similar topics?
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