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Roberta Williams/Josh Mandel discussion

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Congrats to the Telltale team for announcing the return of mid-30 year old males (and anyone else old enough to remember this series) to the world of computer gaming!

Can anyone from TT comment on Roberta Williams's involvement in terms of story & design, if such plans even exist?
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  • Anakin Skywalker;464127 said:
    The guy hates TT games, no point in engaging him.
    Is that why he has the highest post count on this forum?
  • I have a theory that Dashing doesn't actually HATE anything... He just doesn't particularly like any of us.... JK
  • Thanks for providing me with that quote Rather Dashing.
  • wilco64256;464081 said:
    Our only agenda is to continue to ruin your life and give you hope that someday, someone somewhere will take you seriously.

    Or maybe you'll hate Telltale's game even more than ours and will move on to being paranoid about them buying the rights to your usage of air.

    I find it fascinating that Anakin is defending Telltale so much and slamming KQ fans (TSL, me, Dashing, anybody who isn't looking forward to TT's KQ). For me, I've realised that this whole Telltale KQ license thing has put a lot of my misgivings about TSL into perspective. It all just seems like a bunch of silly squabbling amongst ourselves (the KQ fan community) because we didn't have anything better to do. Now the KQ legacy and its reputation and official canonical future is potentially at risk for the first time since MOE (which we all got over). I just don't see the big deal with what TSL did anymore. Sure I don't agree with it but....whatever. I'm a lot more worried about how the previously negatively outspoken Telltale (in regards to Sierra games) will ruin the series....or better it. I'm hopeful, but I am not optimistic.

    But I don't hate Telltale or their KQ game. How can I? Telltale is a business like any other and I haven't even played the game yet. Once I play the demo then I'll decide if I hate it or not.
  • G.byrne;464162 said:
    Thanks for providing me with that quote Rather Dashing.
    I greatly dislike the direction Telltale is going, though, with Sam and Max, Back to the Future, and now Jurassic Park as examples. "Hating" the company is probably something like a couple more titles away. Seriously, if they screw up Fables, Walking Dead, AND King's Quest(a who's who of franchises I love), I'm probably out. Hell, I would be out, but Sean Vanaman and Jake are on Walking Dead and I have to at least see what the hell they do to King's Quest, even if I don't actually play it as a worthless sign of principal, a one-man boycott against a growing, changing monolith that once was a smaller and more manageable entity that meant something to me.

    As of right now, Telltale isn't on my favorite developers list. Obsidian is still there, Team Meat has joined the ranks, and CD Projekt Red has a full-blown spot, Witcher 2 pending. Telltale is now sitting in an honorary position that doesn't mean anything, and has no power but its ability to keep my attention over its next few projects. I kind of keep it in my mind, and come here still, because I want to reinstate the company. But I refuse to buy another Back to the Future, because playing that is simply a soul-crushing experience next to the sheer joy I felt experiencing Sam and Max: Season Two.
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    I do find that this is bringing us together, which is awesome.
  • MI, my friend....bring it. Let's hug it out.


    (and then maybe go find some giraffes to choke ;) )
  • KatieHal;464192 said:
    MI, my friend....bring it. Let's hug it out.


    (and then maybe go find some giraffes to choke ;) )
    OMG Katie that picture just made me choke on my soup, thanks!
  • Perhaps it's time to leave KQ in the past where it belongs, I suppose.
  • Awww... It's cute because it looks like they're hugging, but really the lion is about five seconds away from tearing the zebra's throat out with its fangs.

    Erm... Hopefully that's not an accurate metaphor for the direction this forum is going...
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