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"Alexander pulls out his magic map..." (Quotes thread)

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"Alexander pulls out his magic map..."

I think it's about time the King's Quest board had a memorable/favorite quotes thread.
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  • I can't remember the exact quote but it had something to do with a Graham cracker. I thought that was a good one from King's Quest I. "Looks like you had a bad fall this spring" from King's Quest I from AGD Interactive was funny too. There are a few death messages from King's Quest VI that I remember. "Don't just wander, Alexander. Let your conscience be your guide." "Genie, meenie, miney mo. Alexander can't be slow." "Feeling hot and sweaty? Try a shower."
  • "You have slipped down the muddy bank and lodged in the river's bed. Good knight."
  • Milkman08;464382 said:
    What I want to share is not exactly a quote ...
    I'm new comer to the series and I'm playing the original version of KQ1 for now, and what's stuck in my mind for the small time I played the game is not a quote, but a sound effect, the one that you hear after dying:
    "Dun, dun, da dun, dan duh dun dah dun dah da.. Di di din du did dun! Din!"

    I just *love* how serious it begins and then transforms into a loony tunes like goofy music!
    Reminds me of climbing up the steps on the cliff in KQ6. Dun-dun...dun-dun...dun-dun-dun-dun...dun-DUN..."WHOA...wait a minute!"
  • 4:35
    This out of place death message should become a meme.
    I also remember 'well well well, water you going to do now?'
    In King's Quest II+, when you try to push the witch to the cauldron: 'Did you really think this would work a second time?' and when you enter the cave while there is a trap: 'You saw black glow, you did not slow. Turned not away, you've had your day.
    Also, almost anything said by the dwarf in KQII+. 'Yess, how kind of you to recognise me!' 'I went a little hungrry last night. But I'm willing to fergive!' 'What? Yeh fool!'
    And in the end of the game, after Caldaur says something nice about Graham - Dwarf: 'Hmmpf.' Librarian: 'Shhhh!'
  • If you get too close to a mound of ants in KQ5...

    Cedric: Hoo, is that a new dance, Graham? The bug-a-looooo?
  • I liked some of the graveyard epitaphs in KQ7, I know it probably sounds morbid, but my favorite was, "The Sorrowful Marjory Pratt liked to wail on the cliffs with her cat, one night such a pity, she tripped on her kitty and fell off the cliff with a splat."
  • Daventry;464241 said:
    How about, "Zounds!" "
    That's one of my favorites!

    A Yeti!
  • Scnew;464697 said:
    If you get too close to a mound of ants in KQ5...

    Cedric: Hoo, is that a new dance, Graham? The bug-a-looooo?
    And still on Cedric -
  • I love a lot of the dialogue from Mask of Eternity (quoted by at least G.Byrne on this forum). Makes me smile. :)

    "Whence came this foul tempest?" indeed. :D
  • Sslaxx;464743 said:
    I liked the video from the start, but it totally won when it showed Snake Man, Quest for Glory 3, and Solid Snake.
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