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King's Quest NEEDS to have deaths.

posted by David J Prokopetz on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
There needs to be at least one way to trigger an elaborate and utterly arbitrary death cutscene on every single screen.

Am I wrong? :D

(Bonus points if the narrator mocks your corpse with cheesy wordplay afterwards.)
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  • doggans;462050 said:
    I don't fault Josh Mandel, who gives the best performance in the game. But it's still hilarious how he'll be humble and resist taking the very useful tools from the shoemakers until they insist, and yet he DEMANDS a marionette from a gnome. :P
    It is rather funny. I played KQ5 again years ago and am surprised that he comes off as a dick in some instances like asking for the marionette or trading the sled- when I was younger, I seen KQ5 Graham as a kind person.
  • I wonder if Telltale would give the option, of making "deaths" and "dead-ends" optional? Gear the settings towards different types of players?
  • Valiento;462993 said:
    I wonder if Telltale would give the option, of making "deaths" and "dead-ends" optional? Gear the settings towards different types of players?
    Telltale isn't really big on options like that -- looking at their existing games, the under-use of their own built-in hint system as a way to make hints optional, and the time constraints involved with episodic releases. I can almost guarantee you that the game won't have dead-ends, but I'd guess there's a pretty good chance they could include deaths, probably with some mechanism to immediately retry. Like it or not, I just don't think it's fair to expect Telltale to defy the commercial realities of today's video-game market in this regard.
  • Well, don't forget the old Sierra addage as quoted by Al Lowe, Scott Murphy, and the rest, and usually in the manual for any Sierra game: "Save Early, Save Often!"
  • Imo, if there's one thing this game MUST have, it's humorous, witty and/or sarcastic death messages ala KQ5, KQ6 and KQ7.
  • You really just make threads about the first thing that comes to your mind don't you? This has already been covered in another thread with a very similar name.
  • The only two Sierra adventure games I remember playing with no deaths were Leisure Suit Larry 5 & 7 (which is funny cause in LSL 2 you can die on practically every screen). Was dying annoying? Sometimes. But it made the game alot more challenging. Couldn't you die in Maniac Mansion as well? I thought your character would show a tombstone if you clicked on them if they were dead .
  • techie775;465329 said:
    Couldn't you die in Maniac Mansion as well?
    You could, and it was probably the best death system in a game, honestly. You could continue playing after one character's death, and I think it was a lot more fair and a lot more in keeping with the genre they were going for(the teenagers in most horror films being offed one by one). I think it was the best example of offering genuine challenge through a death system. All the same, LucasArts as a company turned away from that as a game design philosophy, and their resulting audience has come to heavily under-appreciate Maniac Mansion for it's wildly disparate visual and narrative style and, of course, the deaths and dead ends that were possible due to game being designed so that every logical combination would work.
  • Telltale did use death scenes in The Tomb of Sammun-mak, and it actually reminded me of the old Sierra style of gameplay. I guess they were experimenting with the concept of death scenes.

    They could do something similar for King's Quest , and have you start from the moment before you made your mistake(after being mocked by the narrator of course).
  • I have to say, I hope there is a narrator, because the mocking would be substantially less enjoyable if it were the player character doing it.
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