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Personal thoughts for doodo about episode 2?

posted by doodo! on - last edited - Viewed by 337 users
I played through episode one, and I have the entire season.(pre-ordered)

I was sort of taken out of the experience in episode one and haven't been inspired to play episode 2. I never really got into it, something about it was flat, and sort of too conceptional and not organic enough for me. Sure, it had reoccurring themes and ideas used in the movies...But, Marty disappearing again, doc in trouble with gangsters, hardly won me over. Marty disappears, we know how this ends, we've seen this before. I don't even need to play a series that's structured on such ideas, it's bland. I'm sorry.

What was great about TOMI was that it was essentially a Monkey Island game, yet it had fresh new ideas...BTTF, on the other hand, as far as episode one went, did not impress me.

It's good that it references the source material and tries to be a cohesive to the franchise, but I just couldn't merge the two.

The game feels tired to me.

The writing, while maybe from a story stand point, works conception-ally as a BTTF. But the actual game play of the story just didn't work for me and I didn't really feel like I was in a BTTF experience. I wasn't absorbed into the story of the game. I didn't really feel like I was in the universe.

But, congrats on doing a great job TTG in what you've put together, it just doesn't work for me.

I appreciate TTG's efforts and talents but episode one was sort of bizarre, in a bad way for me. It felt too cartoon and that's not the direction I would have taken, even with the current animation style they've used. As a game it works, but as a fan of the movies, I couldn't really get into the story.

But, I am happy for TTG that the game is ultimately still fairly successful and from what I can tell well received.

That's how I feel, does any one have any insights about episode 2 for me?
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  • I feel its ironic that you posted so much trash prior to release (esp the MJF voice poll), you're not playing it. The game may be easy but I still play it.
  • I like how you ignored the thread that's already dedicated to reviews about Episode One and instead just created your own.

    The game is admittedly easy and the plot points have been covered before but it's one of those games that you can't really compare to TOMI. I just take it for what it is and try to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

    Of course, if you don't want to play the episodes that you paid for, that's your call. I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you to play. At the end of the day, it's all on you.
  • I love the cartoon look of this game, and ive been really enjoying it so far, the game can be buggy at times and wish telltale would test the games more before release but as a whole i love it and cant wait for jurassic park game.
  • Episode 2 is better. It has some different stuff, better jokes. Have a feeling you still won't like it, though. I liked it, and I'm a huge fan of the movies.
  • doodo!;465450 said:

    That's how I feel, does any one have any insights about episode 2 for me?
    Oh memememe!!! me!

    Ummm... if BTTF Ep.1 was a juicy steak, then Ep.2 represents the mashed potatoes that go beside it. Sure, they both taste good, but it's the same dish.

    ...took me 10 minutes to write that. Appreciate it.

    Seriously speaking (if I am ever capable of such a thing), I did not dislike Ep.1. That doesn't mean that I liked it... I can write arguments as to why and how and when and where... but everything has already been said in other threads.

    TellTale is awesome... but the game seems to be below their story-telling capabilities. Don't get me wrong, I played it, I enjoyed playing it... but not as much as their other games. I will play the rest of the episodes... hoping for a change in the difficulty level, at least.
    I honestly feel like I am playing Dora the Explorer... with hints and walkthrough at the same time.

    So, yeah...episode 2 is like Dora the Explorer with hints and walkthrough.
    Martin McFly;465495 said:
    it's one of those games that you can't really compare to TOMI.
    True. Putting aside my love for the MI series, I always felt that the story is what makes a game great.
    My wife (who may or may not be dead) is out at sea with my arch enemy who now looks sexy (according to her "woof")?! I HAVE to go after her! Who knows what might happen!?

    My best friend is trapped in the past, in jail, and I am using a DeLorean double to go back and save him from...gangsters who want to kill him. Uh-huh. So...why don't we just blow up the jail? Ah, ok, I guess that's an argument... sooo how come the DeLorean is coming to pick me up? Ah, I get auto-retrieval-thingie...right... you built that...uh-huh...

    ...why is the DeLorean in one piece? Ah...multiple DeLoreans.... mmmhm.

    ok, Doc, I can see you're fine in jail...lemme just run around, calmly, to get you out.

    I honestly felt like I was running errands.
    With hints and walkthrough.

    Actually, in episode two they even included camera pans.
    "How do I get Einstein off the roof?"
    Camera pans to old Doc in building.

    If they were going for an interactive movie experience, they nailed it. Otherwise... :)

    I don't know how you like to play games, Doodo, but I understand how you feel about this game and I'm really sorry you can't enjoy it. It is an enjoyable experience...if you're not expecting to play a game.
  • I agree, I think its also just dandy that you had to start a whole new thread, with your name in the title no less, just to voice this opinion.
  • Since I already played all the episodes of other series that I like at least 5 times each, I don't think playing BTTF all episodes once won't be a problem no matter how unappealing they are.
  • zounds!;465607 said:
    I agree, I think its also just dandy that you had to start a whole new thread, with your name in the title no less, just to voice this opinion.
    LOL, and? People start threads to either state their own opinions or get other opinions. People know me here by now. They could give me their opinions.

    Also, most the posters in here seem to have barely even read my OP. I didn't say anything about the game difficulty. Also, I made some points in the OP that may or may not have been brought up before.

    Maybe, I wasn't clear, for instance, but i thought the game felt too cartoon in aspects of the story telling, not just the visual look. Personally, the visual look doesn't bother me, these are episodic releases, I'm not looking for Crisis.

    Also, yes, I don't skim an entire forum, before I post. I've been on forums all my life. Forums this busy are different than other forums. If a admin wanted to move this to a review thread, he could have.
  • to be fair, the episode 1 review thread is not stickied and is down a ways.
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