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Adventure Gamers Interview

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The Daves (Grossman and Felton) were interviewed by Adventure Gamers. Guess what came up?
Adventure Gamers" said:
What do you think makes a Sierra game different from a LucasArts game? Will the stylistic differences affect how you approach the King’s Quest license?
Dave Grossman" said:
The danger in a Sierra game always seemed more palpable and immediate than in one from LucasArts. Partly this was because LucasArts games took great pains to reassure you that you wouldn’t die and couldn’t do anything wrong, while Sierra games took a certain delight in all of the ways that you might die or otherwise fail that was part of the fun. Lucas games were largely exploratory, while Sierra titles had more of an element of challenge, including a more distinctly puzzley focus, situations with time constraints, and so on.

A good trick for us will be to preserve those elements of peril, challenge, and yes, death, but also hopefully do something to address the frustration that unfortunately tended to come along with them all too often and alienate some of the players (maybe if the game just saves and hits “restore” for you automatically that will be enough).
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  • I always liked the system in Kyrandia 3 where if you died you could just hit second chance. You still died but you really weren't annoyed by it.

    Dying has never been all that bad (look at: every video game ever). Stupid puzzles (not hard puzzles, stupid puzzles that are illogical) and unfair dead ends make games frustrating.

    Or if you have the IQ of a badger.
  • Hmm, interesting how they define, "exploration".
  • Yeah Sierra really was far more of a worldbuilding, exploratory game maker than Lucas was.

    I doubt exploration will feature heavily in an episodic game though.
  • Oh, don't get Lucasarts wrong, I felt there was plenty of exploration in the Monkey Island games (you progressed to new regions as you went on). Zak Mckracken was all about exploration around Earth, and even Mars. Even the Indiana Jones games had that globe-trotting feel to it. Come to think of it even Sam and Max had you exploring the mad side of the United States (with lots of varied environments). The DIG, was very exploratory. I think there was a sense of exploration in Loom. I also felt like I was exploring a large thoughtout world in Grim Fandango as well.

    Then Lucasarts had the self-contained adventures where you explored a limited area (Maniac Mansion games). These types didn't have much 'exploration', but basic settings used for the sake of hte story.

    Then there was full throttle, alot of it was essentially interactive cutscenes, and action sequences. So I didn't get much of an 'exploration vibe' to it.
  • It really sounds like they want to do the series justice. I think they realize that they can't dumb down this franchise the way they have BttF. And they've confirmed that they've reached out to multiple ex-Sierra people. I, for one, am pretty excited to see what they come up with.
  • It sounds good regarding the death scenes, but I worry due to LucasArts being identified more with exploration here.

    For me, it was the LA games that focused almost solely on puzzles, and the exploration posed no challenge at all. Often you just walked over to the next screen.

    Sierra games had possibilities for very detailed exploration, and this is a big part of the appeal for me. Also, the emphasis on time constraints is not an important part of the Sierra magic in my book.

    The very worst-case reading of this statement would be: little freedom of exploration, focus on puzzles and time constraints. Note that this is probably not the right reading!
  • I don't know, exploration in many Sierra games involved, "walking over to the next screen", or clicking on an icon on a map (similar to Sam and Max, Zak McKracken, or Indiana Jones:FOA).

    KQ was probably the exception to the rule. Most other sierra games were fairly linear (SQ or GK for example).

    Hmm, interesting that this interview confirms that the game will be a continuation of KQ canon.
  • Looking at the whole interview, I feel even more that the worst-case reading is not correct! Yes, I think King's Quest is in good hands.

    And how terrific they will be picking up the existing story world!! I feel excited all over again!
  • I've been excited since I first heard about the game. I'm still very much excited. I don't expext to to be another copy of previous KQ game, but I'm sure it will still be fun and entertaining.
  • Despite this interview (meant to calm raging fans for PR) Telltale is still going to have to prove itself to me that it can do KQ justice than just making promises and vague statements. At least they're acknowledging death. I don't understand how he thought LucasArts games were more exploratory than Sierra games, though. Maybe just because of the fact that you can't fail in a LucasArts games means to them that there's more of a chance for exploration? I don't know.
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