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Season 2 : French (and German) Translations ?

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I have a few questions about translations for Sam&Max.

I bought the first season in the european JoWood DVD version (with french, german and english languages and italian subtitles) but not the episode 201 I bought on your website (and I will buy the entire season 2 as soon as a upgrade will be possible ;)) where only the english version is available (like for season 1). I don't think I will buy the Season 2 JoWood version...
The english version is very great of course (it's the original, it's often greater) but I would like to have it (if it's possible) in french (mostly because I found Jean-Claude Donda, the french dubber for both Sam and Max very good in Sam&Max Hit The Road and Season 1).

So, my questions are :

-Did the translated versions for season 1 create by Telltale Games or JoWood ? If it's JoWood work, do you have the rights to sell them ? I guess some french/german telltale's buyers would like to have an access of those versions without buying the Jowood DVD...
-Are you going to translate Season 2 in french and german for Telltales buyers ? If it's yes, when ? Or would it be only for retail in Europe after the end of the season ?

Thank you for your answers and the great job in the reborn of Sam&Max and the "point&click" adventure game !
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  • The translations for Season One were done by JoWood. Right now the only way to get them is by buying the retail version, but someday they may turn up in other places, including this very website. :D

    As for Season Two, I imagine we'll do like we did last time and wait until the season is done, and then localize the European retail version. It's hard enough to release a game once a month when you only have to worry about an English version... also trying to localize the episodes would drive us insane! (More than we are already...)
  • When are the subtitles or voices for season 1 going to come on the Telltale website?
    Or when the dvd of season 1 was out, i could buy it and just pay the tax to send it to me. Can we do the same today but for the version made by Jowood? :confused:
    I love the game but i don't want to pay it twice.
  • Emily, I don't know if you can do something about JoWood, but as well as the voice acting is great (and paiting over textures is great — even if I don't like that, but for most of people it's really great), JoWoods done a not so great job with technic issues... lot of cut sentences and some untranslated ones, it's a lot for a brand new box game :(

    That's why first I would buy it but now I'm patiently waiting for it to be availaible online because I don't want to pay for a half-done work :/
  • Thanks for your answers Emily, I undertand it's difficult to localize a game in different languages in one time ! It's very great that the Telltale Team is really present in this forum to quickly answer...

    I think I agree with Yohmi about the JoWood french version : Great voices performance and a quite good translation (it's not the easy part, in particulary for a game with so much references and someones are typically US) but technically, sometimes (not all the time), it's like a beta version. It's feel like JoWood sell a 95% work-in-progress game...
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