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Sam and Max's Future

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Do you think Sam and Max's seasons are over, I mean I love Jurassic Park, BTTF, and all, but with all of these liscensed games based on movies and other big things..... Do you think Sam and Max, even SBCG4AP is officially over? Just wondering.....
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  • With those Big Five we'll have to wait longer than I expected, but I fully believe there'll be another Sam & Max season eventually. They love it, it's easy to make a deal for and it's like a flagship for them.
  • There's got to be more Sam and Max coming! Although we'd have to wait at least two years the way things look now.
  • Odds are we won't see it until 2013 at the earliest. From what I can tell, this is Telltale's schedule at the moment.

    -First they have to complete Back to the Future. That'll happen in May.
    -Jurassic Park launches in April. I'm guessing it'll be five monthly episodes, the usual deal, so it should finish in August. Maybe September, since their episodic series have skipped a month before.
    -In that time, they should also be releasing Puzzle Agent 2, as well as the PC/Mac/iPad versions of the first episode of Hector: Badge of Carnage. (I know Telltale's not developing Hector so it doesn't really affect how "busy" they are, but it's still worth mentioning.)
    -The second and third episodes of Hector come out in the fall, I think.
    -The Walking Dead comes out in the fall. That's pretty vague, of course, but usually when people say "fall" they mean September to November. (Yes, I know that's not scientifically accurate.) Whenever it starts, though, it seems the series won't finish until 2012.
    -It seems we know everything Telltale's planning for 2011 already. At most, we might see one extra "pilot" game.

    -Then comes 2012. (insert idiotic world-ending jokes here) The Walking Dead finishes early in the year, probably between January and April.
    -Fables and King's Quest should come out that year too.

    Now, Telltale's been getting more and more ambitious, and they've been taking on more and more projects at once. In the past Telltale's done two episodic series (or at least parts of an episodic series) a year. 2006 had the second episode of Bone and the first episode of Sam and Max Season 1. 2007 had most of Season 1 and the first episode of Season 2. 2008 had most of Season 2 and Strong Bad. 2009 had Wallace and Gromit and Tales of Monkey Island. 2010 had The Devil's Playhouse and the first episode of Back to the Future. 2011 will be Telltale's first year doing three episodic series (most of BttF, Jurassic Park, and at least the beginning of The Walking Dead). It seems we already know the three for 2012 too (rest of The Walking Dead, Fables, King's Quest). Unless Telltale is crazy enough to try doing four episodic games in one year, we probably won't be seeing more of the Freelance Police until 2013.

    Sucks, but on the bright side I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Sam and Max.
  • Are the games seasons? I assumed they were only pilots based on the shear number of them. I haven't investigated it because these licenses don't really interest me. Sam and Max isn't a one company pony though so don't just assume because Telltale won't make another they'll disappear all together.
  • The Walking Dead is definitely a full season. We don't know very much about Fables and King's Quest, but it's safe to assume they are too. Puzzle Agent 2 is a stand-alone game. Hector consists of three episodes.
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