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What's Mr. Purcell Doing?

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So here we are, in between seasons. It's almost TOO clear that there are no plans of a fourth season at the moment. So, what's Steve doing? Is he there at the office? You keep him there sitting? Is he with you there?

Hey Steve! How are you, my man! How you doin? What do you think of Dreamworks' Puss in Boots movie? Those guys are ridicilous, am I right? Could you rate me on how I look? I took on my best pose just for my main man!
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    Mmm, good points. Part of the appeal of Sam and Max's style is that it really has no target audience other than itself. You get parodies of children's educational bumpers and of the opening of Space 1999; you get references to 70s exploitation movies in the same breath as references to American Idol and H.P. Lovecraft. As it is, everyone watching it is vaguely uncomfortable and Sam and Max should be vaguely uncomfortable.

    I'm sure there could be a good Pixar movie about a couple of animal detectives going on aesthetically noirish madcap adventures; it just wouldn't be a good Sam and Max movie.
  • I know its pointless to argue with Purcell about his own characters, but I think that Pixar would be able to make a really smart and entertaining version of Sam and Max... I see no reason why it would be less of a fit than the animated cartoon that was already made.
  • and if they do it rung then we can call it Pixar sham
  • kane;467382 said:
    And, if they do it wrong, we can blame it on Pixar.
    I would actually blame the MPAA, but blaming Pixar might work as well.
  • I wouldn't blame Pixar, I'd blame Disney. They are ripe with things to be blamed for already so adding one more thing to list isn't to much of a big deal. ;)
  • To answer the question from his blog he is currently working on Brave, and not Cars 2.
  • RAnthonyMahan;464240 said:
    They want to prove that animation is art, and that you can feel for a cartoon character just as much as you can a live actor.
    I actually, I got pretty emotional during the Devil's Playhouse. It completely turned Sam and Max upside down with its story, Sam losing his strongest friendship on multiple occasions. You really feel the grief Sam is going through when Max had died.
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    sausy gibbon;472266 said:
    to answer the question from his blog he is currently working on brave, and not cars 2.
    bullet dodged.
  • Irishmile;463838 said:
    Steve needs to convince those PIXAR kids that Sam and Max would make an excellent film.
    in live action movie? (maybe?)
  • pepsiboy3;489102 said:
    in live action movie? (maybe?)
    Uhhh NO!
    Thats a terrible idea.
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