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Hi there, is it possible to merge account? I currently have two and have made purchases on both but it would be easier for me if I could have all my games in one place.



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    Yes. Please email support@telltalegames.com or pm me with both email/accounts and which one should be kept as your account going forward.

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    I wish to delete my account for not using it, can you please tell me how?

    Thank you, Slaviša
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    Hey there,

    I would also like to know if I can delete this account! The idiot I am, I remembered right after creating this account that I already had one from 2009, that I used to activate a game... Thanks in advance!
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    Hey. I have two accounts with games on both as well, so I'll just pm you with my details. Kinda felt like I should post this here, though.
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    Same type deal -- write to support@telltalegames.com and someone will help you out!
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    Thanks for the help guys! ^^
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    Oh jeez I completely forgot about this. Yeah i'll email that info in.
  • How can I delete my account?
    hello, I created this account by mistake, how can I delete it?
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    Please contact/email our Support Staff at Support@Telltalegames.com, and they will be able to assist you with your issue. Make sure to include the email address and/or username of the account in the email.
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