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3rd party games are gone

posted by Zachspyfox033 on - last edited - Viewed by 692 users
All of the 3rd party games like Ankh and Al Emmo are gone. Why did you take them off?
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  • As I'm sure you've read here (since you posted in it) they aren't gone, they are just taking a rest until 2008.
  • Why did they take them off in the first place?
  • Probably some kind of technical difficulty? I'm sure one of the TT team can give you a better answer than me.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Technical support for them is currently a gigantic hassle. We weighed our options and decided that for the time being it was a better decision to take them down until we could fix them up, and the switch over to the new store system was a good opportunity to do so. We'll be moving them over to the serial number-based unlocking system we're using for Sam & Max Season Two and then returning them to the store sometime in the next couple months.
  • That being said, the fact that they're currently grayed out on the My Games page is a bug, but you can still download them by going to
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